submersible pump

  1. Christine Felker

    New submersible well pump - tap water now has strong smell of paint thinner

    Plumber just replaced our submersible well pump (200 ft deep) after previous pump failed. Water from all taps now has a strong smell like paint thinner or noxious gas. It dissipates after a few seconds after filling a glass, making me think it’s a gas escaping rather than something like oil in...
  2. NotACarpenter

    Unusual Well and Pitless Adapter

    Went to pull a well this morning and found a setup I have not encountered before, we are unsure how to hook on to the pitless to pull the drop pipe. From what I've researched, it appears to be a "crow's foot" (?) adapter with a release lever opposite of the pitless. Should there be a cable or...
  3. Nikobar

    Submersible Pump

    I have 64 feet down 4’ well. My 16 year old submersible pump failed on me, couple weeks ago and I had to hire someone to install the new one in. The old pump previously sat at 52 feet. Tech starts the install and sat the pump at 37 feet down, I asked why in the world he did that his answer was...
  4. dchurch

    Submersible in 1700gal tank/ torque issue

    Sorry, I should have posted this in the tank and pump section but dont see a way to move it. _______________________________________________________________ I did some searching/reading but haven’t been able to find a solution. I've been using a submersible pump plumbed vertical in a 1700 gal...
  5. logjamjohn

    Need help designing Trickle feed system for low yield well

    My partner has a property with no well and has water delivered to a 3000 gallon tank for domestic water. She has a standard jet pump - pressure tank set up drawing water off the bottom of the tank to feed a household of 5 people. Her 80+ year old father lives next door with a low yield well (we...
  6. Nathan Gant

    Capacitor start submersible pump relay for irrigation

    I am working with a customer who has the mechanical indexing valves and controllers. I recently had to replace his capacitor-start (Franklin Electric) pump relay to keep the water going. This is wired into his indexing controller inside garage. His irrigation water supply is from a 240vac...
  7. Michaelg3

    Wanting to make some changes to water system but have questions

    I have a 39' deep 6" casing well with an existing Goulds 1/2 hp 230 volt submersible pump. Not sure where the pump is sitting at this point but the static level was measured at 8' with an airtest showing 30 plus gpm with 15' draw down after 1 hour in the ecology well report 19 years ago. Pump...
  8. AlPal

    What is the best way to connect Hunter irrigation controller and lake submersible pump?

    Hello! I am in the process of planning my irrigation system and hope to get some support from experts here. This is my first automatic system - have spent quite a lot of time recent days searching and reading info around this topic. To start with, I have to say that Im actually writing from...
  9. Liam DuBoise

    Sudden Low Pressure from Submersible Pump

    Hey everyone, Sudden well problem: The ability of my submersible well pump to pressurize the system has suddenly dropped from 70+ psi to 30 psi (85-gallon air-over-water tank). It will just go to 30 psi and keep running. This is a 2 hp pump in a 4 inch well of unknown depth. I had to dial down...
  10. KG5649

    Trouble with Franklin Subdrive Utility (Help)

    Hello All, I have been having trouble with my Franklin Subdrive 2-Wire VFD recently. Whenever a inside fixture (faucet, sink, toilet flush) is used by itself I have noticed the pressure gauge shoots up to about 65-70PSI initially and then the flow sensor (2nd green light) turns off and pressure...
  11. Gassan

    Submersible pump wires identification

    Hi All, I got a three phase submersible pump that I have to test by putting it into the mains. I'm afraid to test it because I'm not really sure whether it's a three phase or a single phase motor. There are six leads. The internal connections are not visible because they are within the...
  12. heffners

    Bought house with water well

    Hello I bought a house with a water well its a deep water well with a submersible pump all was good for 10 years but the other day went to take a shower and had no water. I went to basement tripped the pressure cut off switch water would come on for about 30 seconds to a minute. I thought it was...
  13. Devon S

    Cottage system redesign

    Hey everyone! I'm planning to change some of the current water system at the lake in the spring, so I'm gathering as much info as I can to hit the ground running when the snow and ice are gone. I'm at Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan. The cottage is on the shore, 10-ish feet above the water...
  14. Justin G

    Control box issue - Getting Wet

    So Sunday we lost water in the house and figured it was a compacitor that went out. I was correct in the matter but the reason for going out is from the control box getting water in it. The design of the well set up seems poor to me. The water is coming up throughout the conduit at the bottom...
  15. Zane Bridgers

    Help Selecting a Submersible Pump for 360' Well

    I've been binge researching submersible pumps here. A shout out to valveman and the community for the incredible depth of information. What I gather is: - No one makes good pumps anymore (a crying shame) - Install a CSV to extend the life of the low quality pumps - Grundfos is still arguably...
  16. aceinc

    Expected life/reliability of submersible pump

    I do not want to start a religious war, but, "What can I expect as far as longevity/reliability of a submersible pump in an aeration tank?" My "water system guy" says his experience is, they burn out every year or two. The usage is a house with 3 occupants & a swimming pool in S Florida. Light...
  17. JeremyF559

    Causes for air in water lines

    We purchased a house last March and in July, our well pump died. We had it changed and ever since, we get air in our water lines after the sprinklers run for a while. We didn’t have the issue before, we installed the same 3hp submersible pump and the same controller box. The water level is at...
  18. Mark Pearson

    Suggestion for submersible pump (from lake) for irrigation

    I am installing an irrigation system that will draw water from a lake. Total run will be 250 feet at a total elevation of 30 feet. What size submersible pump do I need and does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate your time and expertise with this matter.
  19. Kelly Brownson

    Float system from low flow well to cistern

    Hi there, I’ve tried searching the forums and came up with a lot of useful information but have not completely answered all of my questions for our exact scenario. We’ve been having water supply issues in our shallow dug well for awhile and we’re lucky enough that our neighbours let us fill up...
  20. Sayno2mornings

    New Submersible Well Pump not building enough pressure

    So we have very hard water. Learned most of our plumbing skills by trial and error. Here's my issue. We installed a new .5HP submersible well pump. It will not build up pressure above like 16-17psi. Pressure tank is only 3 weeks old so that's not it. Bought a new 20/40 Pressure switch...
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