Help... Sewer pipe extension... (through concrete)

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Good day everyone,

I'd like to extend my sewer line to my new garage in the back of my house. I'm about to do the plumbing and drill a core hole in the foundation wall and I was wondering what would be the "best" way to connect everything so i don't screw this up. By looking at the pictures and the "new setup", is this a good way to connect everything? What would you do? I wanted to drill a hole aligned with the pipe and add a TEE WYE directly in the main line, but a plumber said to me that I need to make some room to work with it and instead to drill a hole next to it. So knowing that, I started thinking about ways to make it work like so. I live in Montreal Canada so it's cold over here. I plan to put water line too so any suggestion as to where to put it in is greatly appreciated... I know it must be very deep (5 feet) but where would you recommend to put the sleeve for the water line?

At the moment, the actual setup is a ABS 3 inch pipe, I'll need to cut install a 45 degree in the main drain and then pass the sewer pipe in the concrete wall. I plan on using a sleeve for the water line and the sewer pipe too.

Any suggestion is greatly welcome. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks in adavance!!

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I don't have an answer for you, but a question: why bring the other building's sewer into the first building, instead of joining the two sewers outside both buildings?

Cheers, Wayne
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