1. K

    Replacing an old gas pipe

    I seem to have discovered I have the lovely green gas pipe that corrodes very easily. The previous homeowner installed it probably 10 years ago. The line hd a leak in it and I could tell from my gas bill and lack of power from my fire pit and bbq. I need to replace this section of the line...
  2. TheOverThinker

    Repacking an inverted oakum / cast iron 4" joint on a sewer stack?

    How, and who, can still repair old oakum joints that are inverted. Situation is a 4" CI waste stack comes down from the roof above the top floor toilet in an condo. Just above the toilet, it branches downward for the tub. The walls and everything are all finished. mostly with tile. The three...
  3. Tempuserjordan

    Need help replacing Delta RP5834 Tub Spout

    Recently my diverter for my tub spout broke, alongside it already being old and not working super well, it needed to be replaced. I had done a light amount of research and sadly, before taking the faucet off, didn't realize that some come with these "adapters". I am afraid to damage any crucial...
  4. Conqurall

    Aquabrass, Mystery Shower Cartridge

    I have a shower cartridge that I cannot identify. I have pulled on all my sources and have come up empty handed. Does this look familiar to anyone?
  5. hamburgerhelper

    2005 Culligan Medallist 8" Issues City Water

    Got a 2005 Culligan Medallist 8" softener (think this link to pdf manual is for it) that came with our house, hooked up to city water, think it's giving me issues. Few months back we were having intermittent loss of water pressure for maybe a 3 week period, only hot water though, but it'd only...
  6. Jack-of-All-Trades

    How to fix leak at plastic elbow in clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor?

    My son broke our bathroom faucet in our mobile home. I purchased a regular style fixture ( and galvanized pipe fittings to make connections between the new fixture and the ½ inch clear PEX-A Tuffpex by Uponor. Seemed to go OK , but when I turned on water , water is now shooting out from...
  7. Shawnv92

    Vertical DWV pipe cracked to concrete...almost

    I discovered a leak in my laundry closet, and on tearing the drywall discovered a crack in the tee in the vertical drain vent stack. The origin of the crack seems to not one but two drywall screws which the folks remodeling the bathroom (on the other side of the wall) for the previous owner...
  8. thebay

    Repairing hole in PVC DWV

    While attempting to drill out a new hole in a stud shoe, due to a large knot in the stud interfering with the factory hole placement, I slid off the steel and put a 7/64" hole through the standpipe tail piece, right at the stud. I was working at a poor angle, rushing, and am already extremely...
  9. Rebekah Rich

    Rust around element/thermostat

    Hello, I am in need of some advice. My 50 gallon electric water heater was recently leaking at the connection from the cold water supply. That's been fixed, and still no hot water- so I opened up the bottom panel and discovered the insulation was wet. Turned out the leak had caused a lot of...
  10. Terry

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks

    Texas plumbing questions. How to repair plumbing leaks. Where is a main shutoff? Questions about my well Water heater questions Can I use Sharkbites to repair leaks, and is PEX a good repair pipe? What kind of pipe cutter is good for cutting out sections of pipe has split. You can check the...
  11. Terry

    Moen Chateau L4621 single-handle lavatory repair, older style

    Repairing the Moen Chateau L4621 single-handle lavatory repair, older style that takes the 1200 or the 1225 cartridge. Moen L4621 in an older home. The handle comes off using an Allen wrench and this is what is below the handle. The phillips screw gets removed and then the lever mechanism...
  12. Jack-of-All-Trades

    Best way to fix leaking fitting in black poly pipe ???

    I have 3/4 poly pipe coming from my well. Artisian well needed more pressure, particularly during summer droughts. Bought a jet pump and tried installing. The pipe comes up vertically from the ground so I need a 3/4 90 degree angled fitting to line intake up with the pump. Had to use brass...
  13. Terry

    Replacing the leaking air vent on a garden hose faucet

    Sometimes the air vent on a hose faucet will leak when using the hose. It's an anti-siphon device to prevent water from the hose from ever entering the pure water supply. You may notice that your outside faucet has a cap behind the handle on the top of the faucet, with water that leaks out when...
  14. kyncaith

    Need advice for replacing kitchen drain pipe under slab.

    My house is a split level, so the kitchen is on a slab. The pipe runs underneath and connects to the main in our utility room. There is only one line to the main, no other connections. About a week ago I noticed water coming out of the opening in the cinder blocks where the 3 inch cast iron pipe...
  15. kfdiy1

    PEX to copper repair advice

    My plumber made an odd connection from pex to copper and one section of the pex cracked under pressure after the 90. See below linked photo. Any advice for a quick fix and also a proper repair solution? Thanks Kevin
  16. Terry

    Shower leaking through ceiling below. The repair with a JackRabbit drain.

    Sometimes I will get a call about a leak showing up in a ceiling below a bathroom. What I find when checking with a moisture meter may be that it's right under the shower drain. Sometimes those drains were installed with plumbers putty, and over time it' loosens up, especially with people in...
  17. flynmoose

    Fleck 5800 Piston rod replacement

    Hey Fleck-heads, Some neighbors and I did a group buy a few years ago from one of our friends here on the board. Fleck 5800 valves over twin stacked tanks with Katlox/Ferrilite for low iron/manganese. Units have been working great. Since I did the research, comparison, ordering, and plumber...
  18. BrittanyATX

    Repair or Replace sewer pipes - best method?

    To start, I will not be DIY'ing this. I'm planning to hire the pros. My house is a 1500 sqft house, built in 1960 with original plumbing (copper supply lines throughout, except the kitchen cold which is galvanized, and cast iron drain lines). House is slab on grade, in Texas with heavy clay...
  19. rhbiz123

    Tub Diverter Parts Assembly

    Hi, Can anyone shed light on how these parts go together? I took it to a supply store to get new o rings, but the guy didn't put it together correctly. Thanks Robert.
  20. Warrloki

    Just when you thought you saw it all.

    I had been noticing the "odd smell" for a week or so, when I noticed that there was water puddling by the toilet. Since the shower is only used for visitors, figured the toilet was leaking. So after draining and removing the toilet, I removed the wax ring. Then I found what you see in the...
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