1. av76

    Broken Toilet Flange

    My toilet flange is broken. I noticed the toilet was loose and it looks like both of the notches where the bolts go are broken. See attached picture. Is there enough flange left to use a stainless steel repair ring? There is also a picture with the repair ring in place. Thanks in advance.
  2. Takeya40

    How do you remove old Grohe shower handle

    Per title. Need to remove handle to identify shower cartridge. No apparent set screw. Only visible hole leads to nothing. Any help is appreciated. Note that water stops not turning. Trying to avoid a do or die or situation. Update: Heard back from Grohe. The top part of the handle slides off to...
  3. KC27

    Glued In Shower Drain Repair Question

    I have a fiberglass shower on a second floor that has sprung a leak - see photos below. What do I need to do to correct this problem? The lock-ring that is visible from the top of the shower reads: Caspers Industries Oakland CA No. 101-PS ABS IAMPO Use glue only. Warning: Do not use oil base...
  4. davearonson

    Humidifier only working part-time :-(

    I have a bypass humidifier that is not doing its job. Even when the control is set on 50%, the indoor humidity can be quite low. During the cold snap we had in December and January (I'm in Virginia), it was about 25%, verified by my dehumidifier (and a cheap little humidity indicator). The...
  5. Needhelp12

    Rusted flange, need to replace?

    We had our bathroom re-tiled and now need to reinstall the toilet. Subfloor is concrete. The flange looks rusted and we aren't sure it will bolt down the toilet and be secure (see pic below). Are we ok to just add spacers to get to the right height and reinstall or does this flange need to be...
  6. Daryle Lewis

    Cracked PVC 90 undergound

    Hello all, I am needing some advice. First let say I am very familiar with plumbing. Grew up doing it with my dad. However, I fortunately do no have to make many repairs, but today is the first of this kind for me. My fiance came outside her house and water was bubbling up out of the ground...
  7. JohnDD

    Water Main Leak

    House is 20 years old. This is the first leak. Location Orlando, Florida. Consensus is exceptionally hard water in central Florida. Pinhole leak at entry point in outside wall about 2 inches in. Busted required material away from pipe, and was advised a piece of hard rubber over the leak area...
  8. CollinChaffin

    Submersible pump pipe repair taken for a ride and need advice for future

    Hi pros! First of all have to say of all the DIY forums I read, I have spent huge magnitudes of time here and you pros that help us DIYers out are great! Sorry for length here but like folks to have a decent background when I ask a question nothing worse than someone asking a question without...
  9. Judd Maltin

    Kohler whirlpool, cracked intake

    I'm a dumbass. I let some plywood lean the against the piping of the whirlpool while I was prepping the deck. When I fill the tub, the pump intake line leaks where it meets the tub. The tub is already glued down, hard but not impossible to reach the service side. I cannot see the actual...
  10. Terry

    Replacing the lower seat on a Bio-Bidet

    Bidet seats have been around for a long time now, and sometimes they lower seat needs replacement. This shows a replacement for the Bio-Bidet seat. Here is the lower seat replacement after the job is done. At the back, there are two, sometimes three screws that hold the seat package together...
  11. DochSavage

    Shower Pan: No concrete underneath plastic pan by orig bldr

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; } Hi folks! I'm in a spot, and I'm hoping that the answer is straightforward. I'm not hoping for easy; straightforward will do. In this case, I've got a 17 year old shower tiled with 4-inch tiles. There have Leaking incidents periodically, with...
  12. Terry

    Grohe Roman Tub Valve Repair, 45346000 stems

    Here is a Grohe Roman Tub faucet repair I did the other day. The handles pull off the stems. I'm wishing I had take pictures of that. This was installed on a wood deck. Not my favorite thing to see. Wood can and does compress over time. The Grohe 45.346.000 stem seemed to work for it.
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