1. JCar915

    DWV forced into place! I just want everyone's opinion on this!

    So I am doing a job for a relative, older and to my surprise very stubborn about listening on how to do things correctly. He is 100% certain that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this mess and adamant that it will never leak, refuses to listen. I am conflicted on packing my shit and...
  2. S

    Bathroom smells after showering

    Hello, I'm not very knowledgeable about plumbing, plus I'm a student, so I don't have the funds to have my pipes checked out. I was hoping to obtain some help and thoughts on what is wrong with my bathtub. I moved into my apartment about two weeks ago, and after taking a shower, I notice a...
  3. Jdoerfler93

    Tub drain p trap problems

    All, I have an antique claw foot tub I'm installing. The drain is a brass 1.5" pipe going into the crawlspace. This is replacing a shower that used to be in the same location. When I went under to see the previous setup I got puzzled. The old shower drained through a 1.5" pvc pipe into a 2"...
  4. Pisti

    Rerouting sink from Saniflo toilet to existing drain

    I have a Saniflo toilet in our basement and the bathroom sink is tied into it. I would like to change the drain pipe from the sink to drain into the existing plumbing so it doesn't drain into the toilet, which causes the toilet to flush often. Originally it was plumbed this way because Saniflo...
  5. Offguard-2

    Water Softener Drain line to sewer - will this work?

    I am installing a water softener on the side of my house. Almost directly below the loop, I have access to the sewer line with a 3" clean out plug. There is an 8" run from the plug to the side of the house where I'd like to run the PVC to air gap. Here is what I've come up with. Please let me...
  6. DanaG

    Align Sink Drain with P-trap?

    I'm trying to replace a bathroom sink, but the new sink's drain no longer aligns with the p trap. (See attached picture) The pipes are off by about 1.5". Just wondering if there are any easy fixes here to re align? Very much a novice DIYer so any input is appreciated!
  7. ThatGoogleGuy

    Basement rough in plumbing questions

    Long time reader - first time poster. Thanks in advance for the advice! I'm framing a basement for a friend. The house is only 11 years old, I'm impressed by the builders work, the entire house is plumbed with pex and has a very detailed manifold where practically every fixture is a homerun...
  8. Grinch

    Standpipe clearance for basement drain

    Hi, I have an issue with my water softener/iron filter backwash lines. I am on a septic tank and my WS/filter are in the basement .I want to splice a wye adapter into the drain to install a p trap but code dictates a 18" standpipe. The 3" drain is hung from the floor joists as in the picture...
  9. aopchuck

    Concerned About Venting Drain on New Shower

    I' installing new shower and trying to fit waste in cramped subfloor. This is the view from the basement with the p trap just loosely attached to the shower drain a bit behind the current waste pipes. The top of the main sewer waste stack is on the in the shadows on the right and has an open top...
  10. Jared248

    Short inlet for wall tube - how to address?

    Hello, I have installed a new vanity and upon reinstalling the plumbing, I came across a few issues. I've include a picture to reference: I tried to maintain the wall tube that was previously there, but with the slight movement of the re-install I seemed to have jarred the seal at the wall...
  11. Jared Pipe & Plumb

    Condensation Drain Connection Part Location

    When connecting the AC condensation drain (PVC pipe) under the sink to the drain I would like to used a brass adapter like in this photo. However I cannot find this part anywhere. I recently starting doing residential plumbing again after years of commercial work, and I used to install these in...
  12. DIYERing

    Can I move my P-trap? It’s not centered to waterline and drain

    after 36yrs I’m finally replacing my main floor room vanity. Unfortunately the p-trap is situated to the left of the wall and its height is exactly the height of the cupboard bottom. I don’t want to have to cut the entire length of my vanity to accommodate the p trap, as it might impact the...
  13. undrgroundr

    No space! shower vent design question

    I have limited space for installing a ptrap for a new shower and this is my best option. I am a bit worried that it might create a vacuum and suck the ptrap dry. Would this work?
  14. Loneriver

    Faucet drain pipe leaking between P trap and stub out

    Hi all, I installed a new vanity in the bathroom and am replacing the p trap to the new sink. I might be using the wrong terms so please bear with me. The current setup is a stub out made of metal. Attached to that is a black PVC trap arm. The part that angles down to the p trap is flared...
  15. JSA112233

    Plumbing a tub. Can I do this?

    New-ish diyer here. Im wondering if i can do this for my bathtub drain. I know there needs to be a vent after the trap to prevent a siphon from forming and pulling the water out of the trap. I am confined to a small area and the vent cant really be placed anywhere else. Im wondering if i can do...
  16. Mark Kaniewski

    P Trap Extension

    First post here, I have a pretty simple question regarding a P Trap. I have attached a picture of the trap. I circled the area where I have a question. I need more height to install this P Trap because the length of the pipe coming down from a shower drain does not give me enough depth. Can I...
  17. aouke

    Sewer odor from bathroom sink

    Hello all, Long time reader, first time poster here. I am having an issue that I cannot figure out on my own in my master bath of my new house. The issue that I am having is that when I wake up in the morning and go to brush my teeth I get a puff of sewer gas "punching" me in the face when I run...
  18. CrackedCastIron

    Using a Sanitary Tee as Vent directly connected to P-Trap trap?

    First pic shows what I believe would be a standard install. P-Trap + P-Trap elbow, connected to a vent. Second pic shows using a sanitary tee RATHER than the elbow that came with the P-Trap, functioning as both the P-Trap elbow and as the vent coming out the top. Are there any issues with this...
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