1. C

    5 min of hot water after changing cartridge on dual delta shower

    Our master bath shower had two shower heads. One was leaking/dripping so our plumber changed both cartridges since he was already there. That fixed the leak, but ever since one side gets too hot and the other side only stays hot for 5 minutes before slowly getting colder and colder. Our plumber...
  2. J

    The 1 in a million?

    Hi there, So, I'm beginning to think that I'm experiencing a one in a million situation.... Lol. Here's what we are up against.... Hopefully SOMEONE out there has had a similar situation... We just moved in to a mobile home that was sitting vacant for 20+years. Drains were an issue from day...
  3. Mjmonty75

    Mysterious Diverter Valve Issue: Shower Diverter Keeps Moving to Closed Position

    Hello, I am having an issue with my shower and I was hoping to get some advice on what could be causing it. Every morning, I make sure to push down the diverter valve after turning off the shower valve. However, lately I have been noticing that the diverter valve is being found in the closed...
  4. Dpm200

    Raising p-trap that sits too low in 2nd floor joist

    Hello. I removed a large light structure from my 1990s kitchen ceiling in order to install canless led lights and learned the p-trap from the shower in the floor above rests 5" below the joists preventing me from installing drywall flush with the joists. I am wondering what my options are for...
  5. Borisj

    How much of a water heater’s *cold* line should I insulate?

    Hello, I’m installing an electric tank water heater (Rheem Marathon) in a conditioned space. The hot pipe will be insulated all the way. But how many feet of the cold (supply) line should I insulate? The pipe for it goes up 6in, sideways 8in, then down 6 *ft* through a floor. CA requires...
  6. Terry

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you?

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you? Watching the news on television about the recent storm damage, I can see that Florida has much to do in the future. Some of it will be total rebuilds and some might be minor. Lot's of in-between too. On these pages...
  7. Vci15

    Installing New Kohler Bathtub, Vertical Pipe (Vent Stack?) in the Way

    My bathroom (house built in 2002) is on the top floor of the home (3 floors) and I was able to remove the existing bathtub and now I'm preparing to put in the Kohler Underscore 60x30 bathtub Of course with my luck there seems to be a problem. There is a black pipe (vent stack?) that is going...
  8. Shinysquid

    Need to replace a valve on a short PEX pipe- any hope to DIY?

    Hello - I found an issue with my water intake valve where there is a drip from the valve when the water is on. It drips from the right most side of the valve where there is a horizontal line/cutout. The valve seems to be one solid piece with no removable parts so I think my only fix for this is...
  9. Daclan

    High pitched ringing under kitchen sink

    My home was built in about 2008. I've been in my home for about 13 years, and I've just now heard a high pitched, steady ringing under my kitchen sink. When I close the drawers under the sink, the noise level goes down a bit, so I know it's in the under-sink area. It's quite high pitched...
  10. Hueaster

    Well pit plumbing advice

    Hey guys. I'm wondering what could be done to improve the plumbing in my well pit. My issue I'm trying to resolve is I get about 2 GPM of flow to the house (red arrow in the picture is the 60-70' copper feed line to the house) and closer to 15GPM at the hydrant by the well pit (green arrow in...
  11. Paiksl

    Are these water leaks from thermal imaging?

    Hey All!! So recently getting ready to buy a new house. Looked through it and saw these images through thermal readings Wondering if these are indicative of a water leak somewhere. Thanks!
  12. Cv000000

    What Caused This Shower Leak?

    Hello everyone recently a friend over my house has taken a shower in the upstairs shower the last few days. Right below the shower this was found The shower is right above this with water also dripping down a little at that vent. infrared showed that entire ceiling had water all over it...
  13. JackPasco33

    Faucet diverter came off - no obvious way to re-install

    Hey folks, a bit of an emergency situation here, and all the plumbers in town are busy. The faucet came off the tub when one of our AirBnB guests turned on the shower. It doesn't look like anything I'm finding on the internet, and I'm not sure what to do here. There's not a screw that holds the...
  14. Oldtimm

    Venting a basement shower remodel

    Hello all, In the process of a remodel and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to vent the shower. The way I see it, I have two options based on where everything needs to be. Option A (red lines are my proposed runs): Option B: The shower trap will be too close to the wall to fork off of...
  15. Evan8

    Plumbing inspector help

    I purchased my home last spring and basement plumbing was already roughed in. I began developing my basement in the fall and went smoothly until I scheduled the inspection for my rough in plumbing. The county inspector was supposed to come at the beginning of December but I received a call the...
  16. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  17. LetMeVent

    Help Venting Freestanding Tub

    We are currently undergoing a master bath remodel, and want to confirm my plan for venting the new freestanding tub. The previous bathroom configuration had a corner whirlpool tub framed to abut a single vanity along each side, and the tub drain was wet vented to the lav in the vanity along the...
  18. lkbry501

    Loose handle on Essence 8" Widespread Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet M-Size MODEL # 2029700A

    Helping a friend with a loose bathroom sink handle. 1. Need recommendations on how to get the handle off. It doesn't have any holes for screw connections, and the diagram looks like it twists on and off. Wanted to check before I gave it a good yank. 2. Once I get the handle removed...
  19. Selina

    Change these Delta valves

    I need to swap these valves out but am not confident in the approach. I've replaced sink valves before.
  20. nabbasza

    Advice on routing new sewer pipe through garage

    I recently purchased a house built in the 1940s with some side sewer issues. Rather than digging in a couple spots at the back of the house to reline the problem segment and continue using the existing side sewer to the street, one bidder (which comes well recommended and reviewed) advised...
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