How to fix lack of shower drop ear?

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Columbus, OH
All the planning in the world, and somehow my DIY decision making went awry. Instead of using a drop ear that would allow me to screw in a shower arm, I simply stubbed out the 1/2" copper with an elbow, while securing the pipe to a cross backer board below. Do I need to cut out the drywall or is there a way to fix this mess?

I was toying with cutting a section of drywall below that would be covered up by a shower panel kit. Could I then heat up the joint to remove the horizontal stub, clean up the inside of the elbow, then use a male copper fitting like this one? Do they make these with male sweat fittings? Does it need to be brass for strength?


I am so upset with myself. The finish line is so near on this mudroom/bathroom addition and I feel like I just punched myself in the groin. I am guessing that I am going to need to cut out a large section of drywall (from stud to stud), make it right, then mud it up.


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Shit happens. I have yet to get a DIY project 100% perfect. You still probably saved your self a ton of money doing the work yourself. Open it up, put the drop ear in, an chalk it up to lessons learned.
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