plumbing advice

  1. N

    Kitchen drains stink like rotting leaves!

    Hello knowledgeable humans, I have some stanky kitchen drains. I am pretty handy but have not delved into the plumbing world as of yet. Stink has been intermittent since I bought the house 2 years ago. I would describe the stink as musty mildewy dead leaves, but worse? Sinks both seem to drain...
  2. T

    Is the plumbing for our sink fine?

    Is the plumbing for our sink ok? The remodeler had to move the drain higher after we installed a new wall mounted sink. I had a plumber tell me based on the photos below that the tee on the vent is lower than the trap so will cause it to siphon out. Then had another plumber look at it in...
  3. Mrs Y

    Air infiltration at hydronic baseboard pipe, gas boiler kicks on constantly when cold outside. Advice needed

    I need some clarity, knowledge, and advice. Thanks in advance. Had our baseboards replaced last fall during a kitchen renovation. Just because they were 50 years old and scruffy. s Moved back in on Christmas day. Noticed an area around one of the copper pipes had been cut out through the...
  4. M

    Help! I made a ooppsie!!

    New home owner here! Had a line crack while changing the faucet, my first instinct was to run down to the basement to shut the water off. Of course I was in a panic and shut off the valve coming into the house to the pressure tank (well water here) and then the valve coming out of the tank...
  5. G

    Venting Bathroom Addition

    I am currently adding new DWV plumbing for new fixtures to extend a master bathroom space located on the second story. The new addition consists of a soaker tub located under and exterior window between two lavs. All fixtures are located on an exterior wall. I am trying to figure the easiest way...
  6. JDubs

    Leak or Condensation on Bedroom Floor?

    My guest bedroom has specific area where water is coming in. DIY if possible, all advice welcome. Reference: Home is 30+ years old, Arizona, concrete slab. Room flooring is slab then pad then carpet nailed to wood tacking strips. Water issue is isolated to a corner from a length of North Wall...
  7. A

    Bathroom drain and venting help

    Hello all, I was hoping I could get some help nailing down my bathroom plumbing: After demo, I see that the shower was essentially an s trap for drainage: It had the p trap connected directly to the shower as expected however the trap arm had a 90 down to the horizontal drain (it actually had...
  8. D

    rough in plumbing design assistance

    A bathroom design like this. Trying to figure out a 2d design for rough in plumbing. The original bathroom has no big pantry cabinet and the toilet is between the vanity and the shower. Any 2d designers out there can you rough out a layout regarding moving the toilet to the position shown in...
  9. Y

    Is this Kohler plumbing diagram ok?

    Hello, I am remodeling bathroom and redoing the bath/shower plumbing. I have already done a shower in another bathroom where I used the setup with Kohlers K-2972, K-2974, and K-728. In this bathroom I would like to replicate the setup as much as possible, however, I do have the bathtub here...
  10. Lexd

    Help with troubleshooting green water stain

    We’re trying to figure out a plumbing/water treatment issue and I was hoping the experts here could help point us in the right direction. We’ve talked to some local plumbers and water treatment companies but none so far have given us confidence that they are familiar with this issue. We’re...
  11. N

    American Standard Tub/Shower Cartridge I.D!

    Please help Identifying this American standard Tub/Shower trim. Cartridge is what I’m looking for to replace for a client. Any insight with a URL link to order would be greatly appreciated! Plumb On!
  12. C

    New Construction Second Floor Bathroom drain and vent layout.

    Attached is the layout for a second-floor bathroom. There is an adjacent laundry room. The bathroom drain will run through the exterior 6-inch framed wall. The 10-inch floor joists run perpendicular to the exterior wall. Also attached is a simplified one-line diagram of the proposed drain and...
  13. K

    New basement plumbing layout

    Hi, I am looking for some feedback on the proposed layout. I would like to add a basement bathroom and kitchenette. Bathroom will be located underneath the main floor bathroom, next to main stack and main vent. Bathroom will have shower, lavatory, toilet. Kitchenette in next room will have a...
  14. P

    Help with sink plumbing

    Hello, I am having some difficulty replacing the sink drain in my bathroom as well as the P trap and such. After taking a wrench to the joint to try and twist it off, the thing was so old and crusted together that it didn’t budge, instead the whole p trap and drain broke off just under the sink...
  15. Dpm200

    Raising p-trap that sits too low in 2nd floor joist

    Hello. I removed a large light structure from my 1990s kitchen ceiling in order to install canless led lights and learned the p-trap from the shower in the floor above rests 5" below the joists preventing me from installing drywall flush with the joists. I am wondering what my options are for...
  16. MarineDad

    Bathtub Spout Broke off & Need Help Please...

    Ok Gents, I'm going to be frank with you all. I have no idea what to call anything regarding plumbing or parts, so I have pictures just Incase. My bathtub broke when I pushed the water diverter (I think). The pipe that sticks out from the wall to the faucet is hard plastic and it's screwed into...
  17. Crookeddog

    Moving tub and shower drain

    I am re-doing our master bath and took out the tub and want to make one big shower with 2 drains. The original shower drain and the tub drain. I need to re route them but unsure how to do that correctly. I've added a couple of pics. Thank you for your help. The small red "dots" are where I...
  18. Gabdude123

    Identify and replace old shower cartridge

    Can anyone identify the faucet and cartridge in the images? It was likely installed in 1980s. Some people have said it looks like an old grohe or Hans Grohe. The cartridge is shot and I am having a very hard time finding a replacement. Any advice is appreciated.
  19. Mayo

    Will my plumbing system work?

    I'm new to plumbing and installing the drain system myself. I have a crude drawing of what I planned out and wanted to get opinions on if it is vented correctly. In the diagram I have a wet vent from the sink. Would this system work?
  20. Addink

    Best connection/pipe for vertical outdoor hose bib?

    We have an old townhouse with the water line in the basement and I'm trying to come up with a better way of running water to the backyard. Currently, a long garden hose is attached to a gate valve connected to the copper water line in the basement of the house. It goes up through a gap in the...
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