Leak or Condensation on Bedroom Floor?

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My guest bedroom has specific area where water is coming in. DIY if possible, all advice welcome.

Home is 30+ years old, Arizona, concrete slab. Room flooring is slab then pad then carpet nailed to wood tacking strips. Water issue is isolated to a corner from a length of North Wall and Portion of East wall.

North wall shared with Bathroom and has Clean Out (CO) access in bedroom. Water Infiltration seems to be the length of North Wall from East Corner to just before electric outlet.

East Wall exterior to garden with low setting window and cable outlet. Water infiltration on East side seems to be from North Corner to Half of Window (see pics)

Shower head had water restrictor removed and has significantly more pressure. Had guests more than usual that time period, increasing shower use

Randomly cleaning up and picked up a pillow sitting on the carpet in corner for a month or so to best of memory.

Pillow was wet on bottom. I felt the carpet and it was wet, pulled up the carpet and rolled it back and carpet pad was soaked, the wood tacking strips showed water damage/rot. noticed water issue isolated to corner, could not find other evidence of leak

Time period had heavy rains a few times and increased shower use.

Looked at shower and noticed shower in-wall soap dish offset with a slight (toothpick size) opening on top border.

Removed shower dish and behind was a spring and metal form for screws all have rust. Tried to see with wall camera but hard to orient and see in wall. straightened and Sealed with tape

Allowed pad to stay exposed and was relatively dry (still Some shower use and no rain during drying) then a couple days passed and I checked again. That 2 day period Had guest staying and using bathroom, also 1 day had heavy rain. Floor showed droplets sitting on exposed pad and damp again. no signs of water coming inside window or through outlet on East Wall.

Unsure where to go as it seems multiple avenues. like being hands on and have some experience as home owner for DIY, unless opinion is professional needed.

Appreciate any insight


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on a dry day run the heck outta the shower rainy day dont use shower , basic tricks
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