Is this Kohler plumbing diagram ok?

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I am remodeling bathroom and redoing the bath/shower plumbing. I have already done a shower in another bathroom where I used the setup with Kohlers K-2972, K-2974, and K-728. In this bathroom I would like to replicate the setup as much as possible, however, I do have the bathtub here now. The bathtub part creates some confusion for me.

In the manual for K-2972, which is same for the variant with 3/4 plumbing the talk about having to use "ell" when have bath diverter spout. Now, in the manual for "ell" they take water input from the bottom outlet of temp control valve. The K-2972 doesn't have that, only 3/4in valves have that. It is possible to route that from the top outlet, however, it doesn't seem clean to me.

"The thermostatic mixing valves do not have an integral aspirator.
For installations that use a bath diverter spout, you must install a
twin ell (K-9663) with integral aspirator between the valve and
the bath spout. If these thermostatic mixing valves are installed
without an aspirator, it will cause water to flow from the shower
and bath spout at the same time."

Now what I was thinking about doing, was just using the third output of K-728 and taking that to bathtub spout as I showed in the picture. I specifically want to avoid using bath "diverter spout" as I don't like the looks of that knob, as result I would use K-728 transfer valve as a diverter too. (I would be okay with bath faucet and and shower head be running at same time under specific settings of the K-728)

Would the setup in the picture be okay, or am I missing something?



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It's fine, don't use a diverter spout. Twin ell is only used with a diverter spout not a diverter valve.
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