no water

  1. wv2022

    How to check a submersible well pump in 180' well

    We purchased a mobile home on a small lot from an older gentleman who resells property he buys from courthouse tax auctions. The mobile home has been empty about 4 years and we are trying to check what needs done to get water into the home. There was no hot water tank or pressure tank...
  2. Mike Starcher

    Moentrol - No water to shower

    Hi, Apologies if this has been asked. I couldn't find anything. I have a Moentrol shower valve that supplies a shower head and four small body spray heads. One morning I suddenly have no water at all. I took off the faceplate and shut off the water using the two stop valves integral to the...
  3. Casualfc

    Shower Handle turns, and I hear water but nothing comes out of the shower

    I have a stall shower (no tub faucet) in an area of my house that doesn't get much use. The shower has its own shutoff valves due to no heat in the winter (converted garage bathroom, I'm in New Jersey). Recently when I tried turning the shower on, I heard the water in the pipes, but nothing...
  4. Jaclin Hicks

    No well water. HELP!!

    Ok. So we would occasionally lose water but it always came back after a little bit. We replaced the pressure tank, pressure switch and the well pump (submersible). Lo and behold, no water AGAIN (after 2 short showers) Can anyone tell me what is happening as I’m about to lose my mind! When we...
  5. veronica arzate

    No water to my house

    New pump and new switch and box


    Hi All, Looking for some advice. We just purchased a home. Water heater is new. Last night our first night there we realized there was no hot water in the tub. The faucet was on wrong and we fixed it. Both hot and cold were coming out of the sink and tub. This morning we wake up and the...
  7. Justin G

    Control box issue - Getting Wet

    So Sunday we lost water in the house and figured it was a compacitor that went out. I was correct in the matter but the reason for going out is from the control box getting water in it. The design of the well set up seems poor to me. The water is coming up throughout the conduit at the bottom...
  8. Scotty99

    Pump works, but no water

    My irrigation system is powered by a shallow well. I live in south Florida. A few months ago my pump seized up. It was 1hp. I hadn’t noticed there was a problem until I saw some brown/dry spots in my yard. I replaced it with a 3/4hp that I got a good deal on, hoping it work. It worked, but...
  9. arnold9289

    Moentrol, No water coming out of spouts

    Okay so, my shower was working, but the knob area was leaking. So my husband and I got a new bathtub set. When my husband took the old stuff off, there was not water spraying everywhere (he didn't shut the water off) and he claims he touched nothing. We are def not plumbers but have general...
  10. Paul I Abraham

    Delay from pump cut in / to water flow

    Seems that ever since guy across street had new well replacement, mine has had this problem. delay from pump start to water at faucet.. only about 2 seconds of 30/50 switch put in, working correctly. is this possilble? or likely a coincidence and my pump may be going bad?? Not...
  11. Nelliebelly

    No water

    I've installed a new control box and a new pressure switch on my galvanized tank. I'm not getting any water, what do I do besides pulling my freaking hair out!?
  12. Cari Howard

    Drop Pipe Will Not hold water

    A corroded and clogged foot valve led to hubby replacing the entire drop pipe system. After putting the new drop pipe down (w/ assembly.. new foot valve, ejector, etc), he ran water down the pipe just to be sure we didn't have any issues like leaks. The water just kept on going, as if the foot...
  13. Terry

    No water to Moen shower head

    No water to newly installed Moen Posi-Temp shower head. This has never happened before. So I'm thinking bad cartridge? I run down the hill and pick up a 1222 cartridge for the Posi-Temp and no luck with it. Absolutly nothing comes out of the shower head. The next day I swing by my supplier and...
  14. Jambron

    No water from outdoor faucet?

    Hey so I bought a house in december, and I'm wondering why my frost free faucets on the outside have no water coming out, I have turned the valve on in the inside, and also took a faucet apart to see if it was ok, looks good. Turned the water on when I had the faucet out and a few dribbles of...
  15. Sue Sue

    No water in mobile home

    Hi. We have a mobile home in Iowa. Just moved in. In mid December copper pipe under home froze and developed 5 leaks in about a 4 foot stretch of pipe. We had water coming from taps in home but pipe spraying from leaks so had turned down to almost no flow. Installed heat tape and 1/2 pipe...
  16. plumbingDope

    Cold Water Line to Kitchen not Working

    I recently had my kitchen remodeled. When the sink was relocated, new lines were replaced with PEX Tubing up from the copper piping running in my laundry room directly below it. Under the sink, the remodeler T'd off of the cold PEX Tubing to run a line to my fridge for the ice maker...
  17. Ace866286

    Shallow well pump problem

    Hi, Having a big issue with water pressure, I have none. Haha Two days ago I went to take a shower and lost all water pressure. Shallow well pump in the basement was screaming due to a bad bearing so I know it was trying. Went to Lowes and bought a replacement pump, same model that was...
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