1. S

    Sewage back up, no venting?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and know very little with plumbing besides some family knowledge and youtube. I am having a issue with water draining properly. I noticed the house I bought does not have a Vent / no AAV's in sight either. The issue I am running into is overflow, this starts if...
  2. H

    House came with Rain Soft system

    So… my fiancé and I just realized yesterday that we have a Rain Soft system on the side of our house. We’ve been here for a little over a year and when we moved in we were never told that it was out there (it’s encased in a storage box) and/or how to use it and maintain it. It’s obvious it...
  3. Hotspur

    Help Identifying Old Shower Diverter Stem (3-valve, possible retrofit in past)

    Hi all, I've been through the Ferguson online catalogue, Brasscraft catalogue, and have unsuccessfully bashed my head against all the local Home Depot/Lowe's--I'm having a hell of a time identifying what brand/make my failed shower diverter stem is. Any help figuring out what type it is and the...
  4. Pakaderm

    Can you identify this plumbing 'manifold' coming up from the foundation? SoCal?

    Hello, new to the forums and need help with this. I recently opened the area under my stairs and found this 'manifold' coming out of the concrete foundation. Does anyone know why there are 3 hot and 4 cold lines coming out of the foundation, and why they loop back on themselves? The hot/cold at...
  5. BroughtB

    Giant Outdoor Spigot???

    Hey there, I have two garden hoses that I’ve never had trouble connecting at any home I’ve moved them to…until now. This house we now occupy has a spigot which is too large. I can’t seem to find an adapter online, so I’m wondering what to do. Can someone here help? Thanks. Photos hopefully do...
  6. Miranda3

    Swapping bathroom sink and washer hookups

    Hey all! First time home-owner and first time post here. The layout in my half bath is pretty bizarre and not very functional. It seems it was intended as just a laundry/mudroom but whoever flipped the house added a half bath into the mudroom, I assume to add value to the house. I will add...
  7. Vanste777

    Fleck Softener?

    I'm on well water with 24 GPG hardness + 2 GPG for .5PPM iron. We're a family of 5 averaging 400 gallons per day. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my math is coming out to roughly 73,000 grains. 26 GPG x 400 = 10,400 x 7 = 72,800 GPG. At 65% efficiency I would need a 112,000 GPG unit. I was...
  8. Noah L

    Laundry tub backs up - vent is used by water softener

    Hey all, I was browsing other threads with clogged laundry tub problems and found some information but not what I was looking for in my particular case. I will preface this with I'm a pretty amateur plumber dude and am unfamiliar with terms you may use, so bear with me. I have a basement...
  9. NiceKaren

    Bradford White (Honeywell) Model #MI406TFBN; HELP!!

    Hello! New to forum, also may lose my mind if I can't fix my WH! My pilot light went out randomly on Father's Day. No reason at all that I know of. I turn it to "OFF", waited a good 20 minutes or so then turned it to "Pilot" held that down for a minute or so then hit "Ignite" thirty times at...
  10. NiceKaren

    Bradford White (Honeywell) Model # MI40T6FBN; HELP!

    Hello! New to forum, also may lose my mind if I can't fix my WH! My pilot light went out randomly on Father's Day. No reason at all that I know of. I turn it to "OFF", waited a good 20 minutes or so then turned it to "Pilot" held that down for a minute or so then hit "Ignite" thirty times at...
  11. senseimitch

    Barn Well Pump Help

    I am building a barn and hit water (what a great problem!! The well is only about 8 feet deep but getting a little over 1 gallon a minute. I am not going to have heat in the barn so I am trying to figure out how to plumb the well pump so it only runs when we use a farm hydrant (draw water). I...
  12. som

    Broken screw on overflow plate

    I know I know this is such a common thing to see but I am genuinely lost when it comes to mine because it looks nothing like any of the multiple ones I have read about I noticed my overflow plate in guest bathroom looked loose and dingy so went to remove it and it came off incredibly easy (I...
  13. thevictors51

    Hot Water Rescurculation - Multiple Branches

    Hi, I am trying to figure out a design for a hot water recirculation system with a dedicated return line. Below is a rough drawing of my layout. The farthest sink from my water heater is the kitchen sink. The issue is there are three branches for my house. What I am looking to achieve...
  14. Newbiehere

    Navien combo boiler Help! Leaking expansion tank advice needed please.

    Plumber called and explained how to fix myself. So no worries now.

    Help Identify old shower stem from the 50s

    Hey my name is Rocky, i have a leaky shower stem pulled it out and the washer/bushing at the end is torn and degraded. i need to replace or rebuild. problem is i have no idea what make the stem is. Has 12 splines and is roughly 5 7/8 long. As the title says, i need help to identify it. the house...
  16. DrDraake

    Connect kitchen drain to 2nd floor main drain

    Hey everyone, Hope you guys here can help because I don't have faith in my contractors plumbing skills. He's tried to use sanitary tees horizontal, told me to vent out the bottom of the outside wall for a kitchen island sink, never heard of a island loop ven, and handful of other other things...
  17. B. Clark

    Stumped by double vanity

    Background Info: Upstairs double vanity. Both sinks won't drain. Sink 1 on L side; Sink 2 on R side. Sink 2 overflow connects to Sink 1's tailpiece. Single-piece vanity top. Troubleshooting Measures Taken: Pulled P-traps and tailpieces. Sink 1's tailpiece was full of sediment in overflow...
  18. kenglund

    Broken metal trap arm removal/install PVC P-trap

    Please bear with me - I am pretty handy but have limited plumbing experience! We just purchased a very old home to find lots of problems. Shortly after moving in, we realized our upstairs sink did not have a p-trap. The previous owners just connected the sink tail piece to the wall with a...
  19. Inexperienced Homeowner

    Pulse ShowerSpas, Unknown Shower Valve/Trim

    Hi there! My wife and I recently bought our first detached home! We bought a Moen Trim Kit for our upstairs bathroom, however, when the plumber we hired to install it (among many other things) came to do the work, he said he could not install it because he has never seen this valve before...
  20. Camarsh

    Wanting to replace Moen Shower Trim Kit. No clue what I'm really doing.

    I'm trying to do something nice for my dad and update his shower fixtures. I know it's a Moen kit that is currently on it and I know I have to stick with Moen. But I've never really messed with anything like this before. My question is, how do I determine which model I need to get? I have...
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