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I am building a barn and hit water (what a great problem!! The well is only about 8 feet deep but getting a little over 1 gallon a minute. I am not going to have heat in the barn so I am trying to figure out how to plumb the well pump so it only runs when we use a farm hydrant (draw water). I am not finding anything that uses an in-well pressure switch. We are in Northern Connecticut so a pump in the barn or a tank will freeze in the winter.

Does anyone know of what products I would need to make this work? I am thinking a check valve with pressure switch on the outbound pipe, however I'd like both in the well so it is maintainable without digging anything up.


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For pressure sensitive operation generally a pressure tank is needed for what you want to do, but in winter, you'll need a way from the spigot down to drain water each time you need to use water. To do that depends on type of pump and do not use a check valve. A small hole at the bottom of the pipe to the spigot you drill about a 1/32" hole. It will spit water while in use but when the pump is off, the water will drain out the hole as long as you keep the spigot open to allow air to enter. A vacuum breaker can be used.
If you do not need to use a nozzle with a shut off, you can install a switch at the spigot to turn the pump on and off. It can be line voltage or a low voltage set up. What size pump and type do you plan to use?
A water table that high could be an underground spring. Underground springs never freeze and alway flow. When the ground freezes the spring water will rise to the surface. It just something to know about in your planning that might be possible.
There are magic switches out there and someone may know of one but without a tank of air to compress you cannot hold pressure with water alone.
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