Brine tank overfilling, tried a few things, no luck. Any suggestions?!

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

I have a Kenmore intellisoft 350 series water softner, Model Number: 625383560

I am not a expert in water softeners, i am learning as i go, with that being said; I am having a issue with the brine tank overfilling, the entire tank is full of water to the brim.

I included 3 pictures that i think will help, for someone who knows more about these units.

There is water that "looks" like it is coming out of the cam and gear and dripping down onto the valve body cover. Im really not sure where the water is actually coming from thats just where i see it dripping from.

Maybe its a problem with something inside the valve body or valve body cover causing it to overflow or something, giving the "look" effect that its coming from the cam and gear? i really have no idea how the unit works but i couldn't imagine water is flowing through the cam and gear? See pictures below

I started by vacuuming all the water out of the brine tank, at the bottom there was a salt 2" or so salt wall. I vacuumed and cleaned that all up so the tank was dry and no salt inside.

Next, I took apart and cleaned the venturi, it looked clean to begin with but i cleaned everything anyway (i didn't take off or clean the actual housing) i just cleaned the inside parts like the 2 rubber plugs, the small screen, the big screen and the plates.

Next i removed the drain plug connector and it appeared clean on the inside of the housing and clean on the plug side (hole wasn't plugged).

I haven't done anything with the float or messed with that yet.

After all this i took it off bypass hoping it would work and nothing, its still leaking out from the same spot. One thing i also noted was when i try to manually regenerate the system nothing happens, it says press and hold for manual regenerate, i did that a few times and nothing happens and the motor doesn't make any noise or turn or nothing.

With all that being said, any suggestions?!

3 Pictures:
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The amount of corrosion on electrical components as seen in your photos may offer some clues.

In the Ty6 photo, there is what appears to be salt deposits on the microswitch terminals shown at the upper right, just behind the rusty bracket. That switch is likely shorted out.

The black box hanging from the rusty bracket appears to be an electric motor. If so, rust on the bracket and the bolts hint at what is likely to have occurred inside.

The electrical connector on the lower left appears it may have a broken wire, but it's difficult to tell for certain.

While some folks have experienced reasonable service from this brand and other big box softeners, many have experienced short equipment lifespan and ongoing problems within 3 years. They are not considered by most on this forum to be quality units but are often referred to as disposable, not worth the time and effort to repair.

Every brand of softener will require some periodic maintenance including rebuilding the valve to replace seals, gaskets, spacers, pistons and brine valve. Whether it's worthwhile to rebuild yours will take into consideration the age of the unit and costs and availability of parts needed to rebuild the valve and also to replace corroded components. You should remove any covers to provide visual access to electronic control boards as there is likely corrosion also evident there.

Softners most recommended here will utilize a Fleck or Clack control valve, paired with quality tanks, distributors and resin.
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