GE GXSH40V01 - Filling Brine Tank while in Service after replacing Rotor and Seal

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Hello, I am grateful to have found this forum since this issue has been frustrating me.

I recently noticed that my control valve was leaking from the top so I purchased a Rotor Valve and Seal replacement kit.

While I was waiting for the kit to arrive, I disassembled and cleaned the entire softener.
- top / bottom control valve housing
- Venturi assembly (gaskets and filters)
- Brine Assembly
- Fill / Brine Hose (good air flow)
- cam gear
- Distributer Top / Filter Screen

After the Rotor / Seal kit came, I put everything together as per the instructions and slowly opened from Bypass to Service mode (the cam/rotor also lined up in Service mode).

When I did this I noticed immediately that water was flowing into the brine tank. I did a manual recharge, cycling through each mode until back to service, but the tank continued to fill up. The only way to stop the tank from filling was to manually life the float valve to stop the water from coming through the brine hose.

This was not doing it before I changed the rotor, so I took the control valve apart again, double checked all my O-Rings were facing the right and that the Rotor Discs were identical to each other (they were). I even put the old rotor disc back to see if that would solve the issue but it didn't.

Everything I can think of looks good, but the water just seems like it's coming through the figure 8 venturi seal in the control valve housing. So I went ahead and put the old figure 8 o-ring back to see what would happen, but that didn't stop that tank from filling either.

The only thing I have not done yet is replace the venturi assembly gasket. Mine does seem a bit worn (new one arrives tomorrow), but I am not certain that is going to solve this problem.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.

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