1. JnTShow

    Help! Puzzled...17.5 yr old Takagi T-K2 shut off, leaking water, shut pipes off and still leaking????

    So, this is probably a coincidence, but we had a large wall mirror replaced in our hallway where the display is mounted. The mirror guy removed the display and since then it shuts off at times and we were able to get it to go back on, by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Prob a...
  2. justfixit

    What happened to this water heater?

    This 40 gal. electric Rheem water heater is only 4 years old. They called me because the tank was leaking. I've never seen one look like this. The lower element and thermostat almost look like they were on fire but the wires weren't burned at all. Can't tell if it's just from the water or if it...
  3. JMustang

    HELP! Shower Head Leaking when Guest Bath is Used

    My master shower dribbles and drips when the guest bath/shower is used. Both the valve and cartridge(Single Lever) have been replaced and it's still doing it. What the heck?
  4. Rose260

    Slip Fit Tub Spout Leaking at Base

    Hello, I just replaced a tub spout that is a slip on spout. Everything went smoothly, theres caulking at the wall where the pipe comes out so water won't get back there. As well all the pieces went on the pipe and I was able to get the spout on and tighten the setting screw. Only issue is...
  5. Theresa D

    Kohler Bancroft sink handle leaking

    hi there! i am new to DIY and have NEVER done anything plumbing related in my life so bare with me here. My sink is leaking from the handle - only the hot water side and it doesn't leak underneath the sink, just small amounts of water come out from the edge of where the handle pieces meet on...
  6. Jdog13131

    Grohe, Help with Shower Handle Leak

    Hi there! We purchased a new home about a month ago and I noticed a leak in the ceiling coming from the master bath area. We hired Oliver Plumbing to come out and the person suggested we just re-caulk the shower/steam shower... 190 dollars later and no real help... I did this and it obviously...
  7. GardenRox

    Where to Drill for Investigating Mold Smell? Sending up a Camera...

    After putting holes in the bathroom wall and seeking to find a bad shower connection, I've concluded that it's not the bathroom. The smell pooling in the hallway is coming from inside or just outside the furnace closet. One day after years of logging in my calendar "Wet Mop Smell; no...
  8. Steve

    Refrigerator leaking onto floor, I can't find out why?

    I noticed water to the right of my fridge a few days ago, mopped it up and thought I was good. The next morning there was more water on the floor to the right. I pulled it out from the wall and checked the hose and saw no water. Really strange. I turned off the icemaker and remove the hose to...
  9. Terry

    Replacing the leaking air vent on a garden hose faucet

    Sometimes the air vent on a hose faucet will leak when using the hose. It's an anti-siphon device to prevent water from the hose from ever entering the pure water supply. You may notice that your outside faucet has a cap behind the handle on the top of the faucet, with water that leaks out when...
  10. JoeyDYI80

    Sprinkler Anti Siphon valve is leaking from cap

    Tonight after I manually turned on one of my sprinkler zones for few minutes and after it was done I noticed that water was continuously leaking from the underneath the cap of the anti siphon valve. I thought it would stop after a few minutes, but it did not. When I tried to turn on the...
  11. handyman38

    Rubber Flakes in Hot Water (Inner Tank Construction)

    I have no intention to re-open a well discussed issue of rubber specks/flakes in hot water; however, the solutions mentioned previously either did not work or were not applicable in my case. I had been battling those flakes for some 5 months before my heater (Rheem XG50S06PV36C0) finally leaked...
  12. khaldrogo

    Sewer Line Sleeve Leak HELP!!!

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and site and can see that this is a wealth of information. I currently have a issue with a leak in my basement wall only when it rains. More specifically with a leak that is coming underneath (to the best of my guess) the sleeve of my sewer pipe that exits the...
  13. kcross57

    Leaking from both upstairs' bathrooms

    My home was built in 1978 and recently I found out that each time the toilets are flushed or water running in the sinks or showers from either bathroom (have two) upstairs, water is leaking down to the first floor. After finding watermarks on a wall downstairs inside my laundry closet and...
  14. Tammy Jones

    Pipe dope on main water lines?

    I have a leaking faucet ( please see the pic below ). It's slow drip that only occurs when the water is turned on. The faucet shown in the picture screws into a brass housing which is located behind the wall. I've tried tightening it up and adding Teflon tape, but doing both have not fixed the...
  15. Jim Miesner

    No Toilet Flapper Valve Seat

    One of our toilets started leaking (I did the food coloring test and found it was leaking into the bowl). I replaced the flapper a couple of times but it's still leaking. Probably because the toilet is old and there is no flapper valve seat. You can see the inside of the tank here. The flapper...
  16. Nocturncal

    Need Help Identifying Tub Faucet

    What type of faucet is in the picture below? I rent from a super old place in San Francisco, and recently been having trouble with the water diverter on my tub, where some of the water won't go to the shower head and instead leak from the bottom faucet Our landlord sent out a plumber the other...
  17. Mjchevalier

    Can I fix this water heater or is it time for a new one?

    I have an older water heater in my townhouse and my wife noticed there was some water pooling up on the top of it. I took some pictures and have attached them. The water seems to be coming from right where the union nipple goes into the water heater. I am getting the most water from the cold...
  18. kevin freeman

    When does it make sense to overhaul a leaking impeller on a Star ES05S shallow well Jet Pump?

    When does it make sense to overhaul a leaking impeller on a Star ES05S shallow well Jet Pump? And if so where is the best place to get parts such as O rings etc? The pump is tired... 21 years running... Impeller = ES05S, motor = 94l105 and doesn't appear to have any issues running, just the...
  19. JDCrae

    Need help with temporary solution for leak

    Good Morning All, I have used this forum for years for advice etc, but just now have become a member. Am hopeful someone will have some advice for me. Our bathroom has a leak from the shower. Its a corner stall shower with aluminum extrusion frame and glass panels. From the looks of it, we...
  20. David Payne

    This vertical pipe spills water out when draining the sink or flushing the toilet

    Here's some photos: Can I put a cap on it or will that burst a pipe? What is this for?
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