water softner

  1. andyupnorth

    Water softener loop required

    Hi all, Not planning to install a WS but code requires a loop to be installed. Tried to reach out inspector with questions but no luck. Inspection to happen in a couple of days. What should the loop look like and be located? See attacked sketch on what i have in mind. In the sketch I have all...
  2. D

    Water softner - Strange Issue(City water)

    Eight months ago, I enlisted the services of a local vendor to install a water softener system. Initially, it performed well until its first regen cycle, but after the first regeneration, the system only provided soft water for a few days before reverting to hard water. Despite the vendor...
  3. Jag_Man653

    Replacement of a circa 2007 Clack

    My system has been in service about 16 years with resin replacement a couple times. I've lost the receipts & manuals so don't the model, but I think it's a WS1 or WS2. My records show that the outside water hardness is 26 and inside is 11, whereas back in 2015 the inside was around 1...
  4. nbailey

    Replacing old water softner system

    I am looking for some assistance in finding an appropriate water softner to replace my current aging/failing unit (Whirlpool WHES40) that has been in the house prior to purchase ~15 years ago. A brief description of the system is well water pump with 1" line to a whole house filter. Then a...
  5. GoldDiamond

    Brine tank overfilling, tried a few things, no luck. Any suggestions?!

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I have a Kenmore intellisoft 350 series water softner, Model Number: 625383560 I am not a expert in water softeners, i am learning as i go, with that being said; I am having a issue with the brine tank overfilling, the entire tank is full of...
  6. mvoorhees

    Fleck 5600 32,000 Grain overall height???

    I'm looking at getting the fleck 5600 32,ooo grain system or possibly the 5600sxt but my closet it is going in only has 54.5" of clearance. Several sites list different heights. Some say 54" others say 56". Does anyone have this unit that can give me the exact height?
  7. Oscarmeyer28

    Iron removal

    Hi I have a question about iron removal. So my water hardness is 61 ppm. My iron is 3.5 ppm. I believe its a factor of 8 x 3.5 = 89 hardness. I have a culligan gold 10 series softener from 2007. I had them run my water again because I have rust stains in the bottom of my tub. New tub less than a...
  8. JulieG

    Do Sulfates Affect Water Softner?

    I am looking at getting a 40000 grain Fleck 5600 sxt. I uploaded my cities water quality report to the company i am dealing with and they noted that the sulfates exceed the maximum limit and recommend that i upgrade my resin to sst-60 and adding a RO filtration system. Do I really need to do...
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