brine tank

  1. WorldPeace

    White, Milky Substance in Brine Tank

    My System Info 64k-56SXT-10 Brand AFWFilters Capacity 64k Resin 10% crosslink Resin Tank Size 2.0 cubic ft Brine Tank Size 18"x40" Round Brine Tank with Float and Air Check Brine Fill Rate (BLFC) .5 GPM DLFC 3.5 GPM Injector #2 Service flow 10 GPM Peak flow 15 GPM Flow required for backwash 4...
  2. hyde223

    GE GXSH40V01 - Filling Brine Tank while in Service after replacing Rotor and Seal

    Hello, I am grateful to have found this forum since this issue has been frustrating me. I recently noticed that my control valve was leaking from the top so I purchased a Rotor Valve and Seal replacement kit. While I was waiting for the kit to arrive, I disassembled and cleaned the entire...
  3. W

    Commercial Water Softener Prototype Design

    Hello community! : ) My quest here is to design a new commercial salt brine water softener system targeted to the hospitality (motel) industry. My early thoughts: Basically, I want to eliminate the complex specialized "all-in-one" multi-valve and electronic control head unit residing on top of...
  4. W

    Clack WS1 filling brine tank during backwash

    Hello, I recently replace my spacer stack and since then I have noticed more water in my brine tank. I originally thought it was not sucking the water from the brine tank so I checked all the lines and there is no clog. I then manually moved the piston and proved that it was sucking the water...
  5. Dvid

    How to remove brine tube?

    Struggling to figure out how to remove this black brine tube from the rear so I can clean the brine well. Do I A. Push it in towards the well then pull it out or B. Just pull it out? C. Do something else? Some versions have a screw nut that hols the tube in place, mine does not. Thanks! I...

    Can a brine tank be too small?

    Hi folks, quick question. I just had a 45,000-grain softener installed, and the brine tank that came with it was too big for the space. I've replaced it with one that's 11" square and about the same height as the old one. Is this OK, or could I be damaging the unit? What should I be looking...
  7. SidCharming

    Non Digital Fleck 5600 Econominder Not using much (if any) salt

    I don't know much of the history of the unit because of purchasing the house in December 2019. I removed all salt and cleaned the brine tank in June 2020. Since then, I have not experienced any salt loss and notice my water is hard(er). Toilet has rings in water level and the shower experience...
  8. Bill Vo

    Kinetico Model K50

    I have a Kinetico model 50 that seems to draw brine sporadically. The brine tank is often full and salt use is obviously very high. Float seems to work (i moved it manually) I just check suction in regen mode and it was strong, so I don't know how tank is full of water. Anyone have any ideas or...
  9. CanDo

    Fleck 5600 - Brine tank fills AFTER regen

    Had a problem with my Fleck 5600 softener getting stuck in the "Brine rinse" phase of regen. Took it apart. Cleaned. Greased. Could not find any issues, so put it back together. First regen went great, but noticed a bit of a leak at the brine tube connection (at the softener). When taking the...
  10. RyanIndy

    Marlo Clack valve filling brine tank on backwash

    I recently had my plumber (aug 2018) install a Marlo water softener Model MCV-30-K. I've had problems with this since day 1. The main issue has been that sometimes the brine tank is full. Happens probably every other regeneration. Originally I thought was debris in the injector assembly, so...
  11. Bere1311

    Brine tank water level too low

    I currently have a Pentair 268/762 with Autotrol Logix control screen. When we first acquired our system it was already programmed and it would fill all the way up to 2/3 the brine tank and we would add about 2-3 bags of salt 40lbs each and the water would still be above he salt but after the...
  12. GoldDiamond

    Brine tank overfilling, tried a few things, no luck. Any suggestions?!

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I have a Kenmore intellisoft 350 series water softner, Model Number: 625383560 I am not a expert in water softeners, i am learning as i go, with that being said; I am having a issue with the brine tank overfilling, the entire tank is full of...
  13. SLR

    Unknow plastic plate in old brine tank

    Does anyone know whats this plate for? We found out while we cleaning up the tank and floating inside.
  14. owest

    Fleck 5000 and Brine tank question ( newbee )

    I have a Fleck 5000 water softener. I have been watching all the videos on progamming to make sure I have this thing setup right, so my questions are below if someone can help. ( Fleck 5000 sxt & the round brine tank 18" x 33" ) 1. Why no battery backup or am I missing something? 2. The Brine...
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