valve body

  1. N

    Inside of the shower valve damaged from cartridge being stuck hard and removal methods

    My first post on this forum! Please have mercy but not to much. Please take a lookie - have you ever seen anything like it ? I manage 17 rental units in this condo called Marine Surf Waikiki, seen inside of the rough in in at least half of them, never anything like it! Also, yes ...
  2. Steveog

    Kohler valve for stand alone tub allowing handles and spout to be aligned

    I have a stand alone tub and looking at installing an in-wall Kohler Purist tub faucet in the handle, spout, handle that is aligned horizontally. Unfortunately, Kohler tells me that the supporting valve does not allow the handles and valves to be installed aligned (spout has to be above or below...
  3. Dave317

    Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve with R11000 diverter - installation questions

    Good morning, I am installing a Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve and a R11000 diverter that will ultimately control a regular shower head, an overhead rain can, and a handheld. The supply is 1/2" PEX from a ManaBloc manifold. The question I have is about stringer depth: I am aware that the...
  4. TexasHokie

    Moen tub / shower leak. Cartridge 1222.

    I just had some tenants move out and I noticed the shower / tub Moen faucet was leaking. Little more than a drip. Since I don't live there I have no idea how long it's been leaking. I could ask.....but they did not leave on good terms. I just assumed it was the 1222 cartridge. We have hard...
  5. Andrew1984

    Anyone know what brand this valve is?

    I need to replace the cartridge (most likely) because this shower valve isn't working. Water is most certainly getting to it, but when the handle is operated, nothing! There's a good chance the cartridge is simply clogged. Problem is...I have no idea what kind of valve this is. It's very, very...
  6. GoldDiamond

    Brine tank overfilling, tried a few things, no luck. Any suggestions?!

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I have a Kenmore intellisoft 350 series water softner, Model Number: 625383560 I am not a expert in water softeners, i am learning as i go, with that being said; I am having a issue with the brine tank overfilling, the entire tank is full of...
  7. rhw80

    Does it matter which port is the inlet on a 3-way shower valve body?

    I have a contractor installing a Moen showerhead and hand held (there's no tub) that can't get the diverter to work correctly. Water will come out of the showerhead but not the hand held. The valve body is #12009. Does it matter which port is used as inlet on the valve body? The valve is...
  8. Terry

    No water to Moen shower head

    No water to newly installed Moen Posi-Temp shower head. This has never happened before. So I'm thinking bad cartridge? I run down the hill and pick up a 1222 cartridge for the Posi-Temp and no luck with it. Absolutly nothing comes out of the shower head. The next day I swing by my supplier and...
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