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I am looking for the most cost effective way to filter the water in our home. We are on city water and are looking primarily to remove Chlorine and Fluoride (among other things). Our home has 3.5 Baths. In an ideal world I would install ONE whole house filtration system to that would rate high enough GPM and removes the items listed above. It has been a real struggle to find filtration that removes Fluoride AND Chlorine. The closest I have found is a 3-Stage "Big Blue" whole house with a Bone Char filter included. Though the website ( is not clear on how many GPM. It claims 2-4 bathrooms, not sure I trust that. The other option is to purchase a whole home filtration system AND an undersink RO system. This would likely take care of the Chlorine issue for bathing, and then the RO would be used for consumption and cooking. The downside to this of course is both in initial purchase and in maintaining two systems. Any suggestions?


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Check to see if your water supplier uses chlorine or chloramine. If chlorine, GAC (granular activated carbon/charcoal) can remove that and some more stuff. GAC made from coconut shells is well-regarded.

If chloramine, then the filter should use catalytic carbon, and it might take a bigger tank.

We are talking about something bigger than what you had in mind.

I did not look up if it takes out fluoride. While I would guess yes, you will pick that up if you do further research.
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