carbon filter

  1. Ryan Smith

    Fleck 5600SXT Carbon Filter Issues

    I use chlorine to oxidize iron in my water. Following the settling tank I have a backwashing carbon filter. It's a Fleck 5600SXT on a 10x54 with 1.5cuft of GAC. It came set up with a 6GPM DLFC. In the first couple cycles I did notice some media out the drain line, but I just figured that was...
  2. Njm5785

    Water filtration advice for my water test results

    We did a water test with tapscore (Results: The main things I am concerned about are hardness, uranium, Gross Alpha, Gross Beta and getting the iron down under the secondary mcl level of 0.3mg/L. Should I be worried about the Total HPC? Anything...
  3. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    How critical carbon filter after Katalox Lite?

    Am looking at quotes from vendors after submitting my water testing report. Am seeing Katalox Lite with O3 ahead of regular softener and no carbon filter between. Elsewhere I read of a back-washing carbon filter being important after Katalox. Some enlightenement, please, as to when and when not.
  4. tddougla

    Water Softener and Whole House backwashing Carbon filter

    I'm on well water and recently replaced my water softener and added a whole house backwashing GAC filter for sediment and taste/odor, both have a Fleck 5600SXT head, 48k grain capacity on the softener. GAC is just after pressure tank followed by softener. System worked fine for better part of...
  5. TinTweak

    Opinions on AFWFilters

    Anyone have any experience with AFWFilters? I'm looking at the AFWFilters 56SXT-10% Combo Package specifically. Any opinions? Who do you prefer that sells Fleck valve controls?
  6. TinTweak

    Looking for advice on choosing and installing a water softener

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice on choosing and installing a water softener; as well as a carbon filter for chlorine and a RO system sometime down the line. Let me apologize in advance for my lack of understanding in the subject and say that I greatly appreciate any...
  7. Michael Stitsworth

    Carbon Block Recommendatikn

    I have a drilled well that produces about 10 gpm. Water has little to no sand, but is prone to fine sediment. I installed a Rusco sediment trapper with a 150 mesh screen just before the incoming water splits into the horse line and outside faucet line. Next on the house line is another Rusco...
  8. RogerPDX

    Do charcoal filters remove chlorine or just the "smell" of the chlorine?

    I would like to put a whole house charcoal filter on my house, to save the brass to PEX connectors from eventual ruin from chlorine that is in the water. Do you know if these filters actually remove the chlorine, or do they just remove the smell of the chlorine from the water?
  9. Haarstad

    Replacing/Upgrading Dead Fleck

    Hi All- My 17 year-old, 12-day Fleck 5600 valve head died in the typical manner (stuck in backwash, timer not moving). It was manufactured and put into service when we built the house in 2001. We were told by the builder to simply push out the pins equal to the number of persons living in the...
  10. GTOwagon

    Backflusing Frequency for Sand and Carbon Filters

    Gents, I have Lancaster media filters after my chlorine retention tank, and the first is the larger sand filter, for turbidity and pieces of sediment, and the second is the carbon backflush. After a few months I caught a whiff of a mustyish sulphur in the cold line on the washing machine and...
  11. N

    Treatment HCHO (5ppm) in water by using carbon filter, RO and Anion resin?

    Hi everyone ! Our demineralized water system (DWS) has inlet water contain 5ppm HCHO. Our process include: Carbon filter => RO => Cation resin => Anion resin => Mixbed. Whether our DWS can treat HCHO (5ppm) ? Is there any other solution to treat HCHO in water? Thanks very much !
  12. RainJet

    Inline water filter for coffee maker clogged, leaking carbon out inlet

    Hi folks I need your help please, I have a commercial Curtis d60gt coffee machine that is connected to residential 1/2" water line using a reducing angle stop to a 1/4" copper line, before it goes into the coffee machine the water passes through a inline filter, a Everpure EV9100-06 IN-10...
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