whole house filtration

  1. P

    Advice on whole house filtration set up

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the set up for whole house filtration system. Splendora TX (an hour away from Houston TX) municipal water from a private company called Quadvest 158 Hardness (mg/L), 9.23 (grains) according to their website small house 2 bathrooms 2ppl for now I understand I...
  2. Sacman

    Drain question and whole house filter questions

    Need help in figuring out a drain for a water softener that I would like to have a plumber install in a new home being built. I have a loop for a water filter (along with a 20amp electrical) that will be installed. The whole house water filter is a Aquasana (model EQ-AST-WH) that I chose just...
  3. beolson25

    Whole House Filtration Recommendations and review

    All, I've been reading off this forum for a while and trust the great knowledge within ... I've been doing my research and am looking to invest in Water Treatment for my home. The main issue relates to Cholrine/Chloramine smell and taste during some parts of the year as well as itching in the...
  4. Graystone

    Water softener vs whole house filtration + softener?

    I'm having all of the plumbing replaced in my complete gut job remodel of my house, and I would like to treat the city district water coming in so that I have less hard water spots on glass and fixtures, and prolong the life of the PEX plumbing, etc. Before the remodel, I had an RO system under...
  5. Srqlady

    Advice Needed for Whole House Water Filtration/RO system

    Hi, I would really appreciate expert opinion regarding a whole house water filtration/RO system that will meet my needs. I live by myself in a one story, 2 1/2 bath home connected to County water. Bathrooms and washing machines are used quite frequently. The County's water quality...
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