well pump

  1. crabjoe

    Need some help - I think my pump is dead.

    I have never seen a well pump failure before, but when I check the voltage at the pressure switch, I'm seeing 240 going out... So now I'm guessing it's the pump. My question is, is this something I can replace myself? I think the well is around 200 ft deep. What pump would I need? It's 2...
  2. KM in NH

    Well pump or expansion tank?

    Good Morning, We're on a well and all of the sudden, we lost water. All faucets are dry. The pressure gauge on the expansion tank is at zero. We've contacted our local service (wells & pumps) and they're coming out tomorrow. However, they told us that it's probably the tank and not the pump...
  3. Regis Tration

    Well Pump Horsepower

    I have a well that is in an extremely remote location. I want a spare submersible well pump so that I will be ready with a replacement when the existing pump fails. I don't know the horsepower of the pump that is in the well now; I only know that it is 240 volts. I suspect that the existing pump...
  4. BDR

    Crazy Well pump, Crazy Me

    I am hoping one of you well pump gurus out there will be willing to solve what is a puzzle to me. Seems it should have been a really, really simple normal wear & tear problem, ...but it's got me really, really beside myself. So here goes... Bought the house 13 yrs ago. House built in 1973...
  5. A Guy and his Tractor

    Well pump and control box size and match

    The well pit for the barn well filled with water and shorted out several things. Pressure tank floated and broke a pipe or two. I replaced pressure switch, SquareD 40-60. Replaced Franklin pump control box with like unit, 1.5 hp two capacitor unit. Fixed one obvious leak. Pump still tripped...
  6. Sean_Mr

    Forgot to switch off power to well pump while draining the tank for plumbing work

    Hello everyone, Today I forgot to switch off power to the well pump while draining the pressure tank for plumbing work. I did turn off the water supply to the house, but I think the pump was constantly running for a couple hours. Will this cause any damage to the pump or anywhere else? Thanks!
  7. Andy B

    Pump losing water pressure

    I just replaced my pump and pressure switch. No control box in system. Pressure tank is fairly new and has pressure, well has plenty of water. When I turn breaker on the lines fill, pressure goes up to 60, switch cuts off then pressure decreases over about 2 min down to 40, then instead of...
  8. Kambucha

    How do I pull this pump?

  9. Dan520

    520' well; what size pump do we need (1.5hp or 2.0hp)?

    Hi, we just got a new well installed. They had to go to 520' to get about 6 gallons/minute. The installer is suggesting we go with a 2.0hp constant pump even though he originally said a 1.5hp constant pump was enough. We will only be using the well for irrigation (~.5 acres) and topping off...
  10. aceinc

    New potable well system recommendations

    I am "designing" my new well system. I live in S. Florida and have a 180' well. The water contains Hydrogen Sulfide gas. Currently we off-gas using no pressure aeration tanks. A second pump takes the water from the aeration tanks and pressurizes it for use in my home. The first area I would...
  11. Wendell McQuary

    Booster pump vs Shallow jet well pump.

    I am a first time well owner. I share a well with the neighbor. He has the deep well pump and storage tank. The old pump in our well house was going out. It was a 1 hp Grundfos pump. I bought and installed a 1 hp Red Lion jet well pump. The pump goes directly into our Water Tech water...
  12. MilesLane

    Shallow well problems

    Ok so trying to make sense of what’s going on. Recently started renting a house with an older shallow driven well. At first it had a 1/4 hp pump (too old to identify), there was very low water pressure so landlord put in a 1/2 hp pump thinking the 1/4 hp was going out. Once we tried to prime the...
  13. tpcolson

    1 well, two houses, do I need to change this setup?

    I'm considering a replacement/upgrade of my well tank (currently 30 gallon with a 30/50 switch). I'm on a shared well (I own it). Without getting into an internet lawyer thread, the "other" house thinks the fact that water come out of their faucet is magic and see no need for their own pressure...
  14. Mike kostas

    Shallow Well pump for large home.

    Merry Christmas everyone! First time posting a thread anywhere. But I'm finally stumped and even my uncle who is a licensed plumber and educator for Boston gas and father another licensed plumber gas man can't figure this one out. Aprx 4500 SQ ft home with 4 full bathrooms , large jet tub 1st...
  15. Frank L

    Vibrating Water Feed Pipe

    My pipes vibrate when my submersible well pump engages. The feed pipe from the well to the pressure tank vibrates as well as the copper pipes entering / exiting the pressure tank. The pump engages at 40 PSI and shuts off at 60 PSI. The vibration starts when the pump engages and ends prior to...
  16. Keesa

    Can't pull up well pump

    I have a 4 inch well about 70 feet deep. I am trying to install a new bladderless tank and as such was told to remove the snifter valve near the tank, and the bleeder orifice down the well pipe. I have the cap off and a t-bar connection attached to the pitiless adapter but I can't get anything...
  17. joe kormos

    Pitless addaptor is stuch and cant pull it

    Is it possible for a pitless adaptor on my well to get stuck to a point to where they have to dig down and cut off the well casing to remove it and have to attaché a new one? I have searched all over the internet and can not find anything to support this. So they (the well contractor) stated...
  18. petes42

    Pressure Tanks in Series Configuration?

    I've recently purchased a 20-year old home on a well in the mountains. I've never had a well before and am learning on the fly. I replaced the well pump about 6 months ago. At that time I also learned a little about these pressure tanks, and saw some discoloured water from the first tank which...
  19. Sayno2mornings

    New Submersible Well Pump not building enough pressure

    So we have very hard water. Learned most of our plumbing skills by trial and error. Here's my issue. We installed a new .5HP submersible well pump. It will not build up pressure above like 16-17psi. Pressure tank is only 3 weeks old so that's not it. Bought a new 20/40 Pressure switch...
  20. Brian Mils

    Stuck Well Pump / Cut Well Casing / Broken Riser Pipe / Rust

    Long time lurker, first time poster. What a mess, I'm not sure where to start. We are expecting our 2nd child and will have to pay out of pocket for the birth because of insurance BS. So I was trying to save some money by replacing the well pump myself. I'm very handy and didn't think it...
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