well pump

  1. masonnjit2

    2 Houses, 2 Pressure Tanks, One Well

    I have a 3 unit house running with a pressure tank and a deep 2 wire well. I have a garage with an apartment over it that i need to get water to. Right now i have a pressure tank in the new apartment with a 1" line running to the well with a 3 wire cable. I want to be able to run both the...
  2. Glo

    Well failure?

    Pretty serious problem, don't know what to do next. New pressure tank, new pressure switch, new control box, new inside plumbing. No water. Pulled the pump, had it checked. It's good and pumps strong. Isolated all wiring [well wire, control box wiring to the well outside of the house and to...
  3. Clearlyviewing

    Well pump cycling with sprinklers

    Whenever I run my sprinkler system, my well pump will cycle on for about 1:40 and then off for :40. The output of the sprinkler system is obviously not matching the output of the pump. I am afraid the pump with cycle itself to death. I’m wondering if adjusting some of the sprinkler nozzles...
  4. Harney

    Well pump overhaul, Garden and Tiny House on Wheels...

    Hey guys and thanks in advance for the help. Looking for some guidance on replacing a Flotec u27-470 well pump that has gone bad. (PHOTO ATTACHED shows old existing Flotec with electrical set up). The property owner says it died a few years ago. I'm not sure how deep the well is here in SE...
  5. Chandra Combs

    Faucet sputtering after well pump replaced

    I hope someone can offer some suggestions to fix this, as I'm about to lose my mind. My well pump was replaced mid-April, and after about 10 days, water began sputtering from all faucets and toilet flushing caused a burst of air on refill, with subsequent LOUD knocking and jerking. Well...
  6. fallenage31

    Flotec 3 wire Model# FP3212-02 - RUN MANUALLY WITH SWITCH

    Flotec 3-Wire 4in. Submersible Deep Well Pump — 1/2 HP, 1 1/4in., Model# FP3212-02 How would I set up to run the pump manually with a switch? 3 wires from the pump. 2 wires that come up to the surface
  7. Steve Lumplow

    Well pump for irrigation pressure issues.

    I recently installed a new well pump when my 30+ year old Goulds 1/2 HP pump lost pressure after a melt down. I installed a Goulds GT10 irri-gator. The sole purpose of this pump is to run my irrigation. For some reason I just cannot get the pressure up. (insert cialis joke here) The heads run...
  8. Larry Jones

    Shallow Well help

    I recently hand dug a shallow well to 25 feet. I initially wanted to install just a hand pump to water my garden. It worked great, however our garden has gotten big enough now the hand pump takes way to long to water the garden. The casing on the well is 1 3/4", and I can not find a pump the...
  9. Robert Walker

    Pump cycling often and not filling pressure tank

    I have water in the house but noticed pressure going up and down when faucet is opened Replaced bad pressure tank (ruptured bladder) Pump ( 30 years old) is above ground and well water level is maybe 12 feet down New tank has clear hose and when pump runs no water goes into tank Pump is cycling...
  10. sarnone

    Where Is The Air in My Pipes Coming From!?

    It appears that I have quite the plumbing conundrum on our hands! My wife and I recently moved into a new house (year and half ago) and since, we've slowly been updating our plumbing system. We're on a well system that includes an acid neutralizer, water softener and a whole house filter. In...
  11. MCnetwork

    Leak from deep water well pump to bladder tank?

    I recently bought a home and have never had a well. I noticed that the well seemed to be cycling to often, finally it went out. I replaced the pressure switch (30/50) and got it going again. The same problem persisted so I took the following step. Checked tank pressure after shutting the water...
  12. Effie

    Well pump issues

    My well pump came loose of the hose and wiring. How do I get it back up and out of the well?
  13. Markgc

    What Range of Pressure Gauges to Use Across A Whole House Filter

    I am just about to replace the whole house filter on my submersible pump driven well. I am going to fit a larger 4 1/2 x 10 filter. I intend to fit a pair of pressure gauges, one either side of this filter to monitor it's performance.. I have a lot of red soft clay in the water and I am...
  14. Jacek

    WELLXTROL question

    Hi ! I moved to new place and seems something not to be right with water supply. According to manual (Tank WX-255) current setup is little off. I attached a quick sketch of existing setup. Planning to reroute everything and connect clean way. I have two pipes coming from ground. One is...
  15. James Riel

    Losing Well Pump Pressure - Sediment.

    Hello, I just bought a house a couple weeks ago. We noticed a loss of pressure when running a shower and washer at the same time. We heard some pretty loud knocking coming down the copper pipe near the pressure tank. Our pressure dropped down to about 24psi and the gauge needle would flutter in...
  16. Brandon Walters

    Explosion. Please help me! My well pump filled with hot water and exploded

    My house runs on well water and water from a cistern also. Today the cistern ran dry causing the need for me to prime the well pump after filling my cistern. I primed the pump, all seemed well, came on at 20 shut off around 45, held pressure,no leaks to be seen. Everything ran well with it all...
  17. John Manganaro

    Shallow well foot pump broken?

    Ok guys, new problem. So I’ve been combing though the forum before posting to see if I could find my answer. Situation: I have a 3/4 shallow well jet pump that I use for lawn irrigation (see picture) that for the last year or so has intermittently cycled even without any lawn valves open. I...
  18. Jordan Burch

    Well Pressure Switch

    I have a few problems but my current one is my pressure switch. My well is probably 50 years old. I'm certain the pump is not but a few weeks ago my pressure switch started acting up. I would lose pressure and have to go tap it with a wrench to get it started again. I replaced it last week. I am...
  19. JoyfulLiving789

    Well Question on vibration/shaking

    Hi, I live in a cottage on a large property and we share a well that is up the hill from the cottage. the lines for the well run under the cottage and distribute through the property. I've lived here 10 months now and a few months ago, the area where they run under the cottage has been more...
  20. Efrain

    Help with well pressure!!

    Hello all, I'm new on here but this place has been very helpful. To give as much background as possible .....this will be a little long. I have an about 400ft well pump (no clue on model, just moved) with originally a 20gal wells troll pressure tank. Running on a 40/60 psi setup. About a...
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