1. J

    Washer draining into the main water line

    I recently had the washer moved and wanted to see if this was fine or if the top part of the trap should be at a higher entry point with the main water line. Based on the picture with how it is now if the main line fills halfway it seems like water will come back through the washer standpipe, I...
  2. Brendan Poirier

    Clothe washer drain hose discrepancy

    Had a new washer delivered today (Model #MVWP575GW) The drain hose is too short. The extension kit they sell is ridiculously priced at $27 for the hose extension and $47 for the connector that joins the 2 hoses. I bought a 3rd party 6ft drain hose which the connection fits perfectly. The only...
  3. Potatoes

    Washing machine box install - How to deal with vent obstruction

    Hello everyone. Since I had the existing drywall removed in the laundry room, I was considering installing a washing machine box. Originally the room was drywalled but it had a section missing where the washer connected and drained by the wall. This setup has been like this ever since my...
  4. Miranda3

    Swapping bathroom sink and washer hookups

    Hey all! First time home-owner and first time post here. The layout in my half bath is pretty bizarre and not very functional. It seems it was intended as just a laundry/mudroom but whoever flipped the house added a half bath into the mudroom, I assume to add value to the house. I will add...
  5. Theant

    Super low sink pressure when washer or toilets run

    Background: house built in 1986, well water, pressure tank. I do all the plumbing, but we only bought the house a couple years ago, so problems may or may not be my fault :) Water pressure in our sinks is normally really good. It's great in the showers. But when the washing machine is...
  6. Richard Haven

    Washer/dryer GLGH1642FS5 (seems the same as Frigidaire front-loader) - washer now comatose

    (If appliance questions are inappropriate, please delete this) The current status is: Dryer works fine Washer light comes on when activated (i.e. pull the knob out) Washer does not Fill with water Rotate Drain (based on sound) I'm looking for information to help me find the pump (IC) board...
  7. JT and the DOG

    Old House - Floor drain, washer basin & new standpipe help

    Hi Folks, I'm a first time poster here, but I have been coming to the site for a couple of years now. My house (in Nebraska) came with a basin for the washing machine drain. See picture #1: That isn't terribly problematic, except that the basin empties into what seems to be a faulty floor...
  8. danesteen

    Washer drain

    Just moved into a new place, not sure where to hook up the drain hose on my washer.
  9. Vdawg

    Washing machine valve movement

    Hi, I have a house built in 2013, and although I normally didn't use the washing machine valves to turn off the water in the past, I did recently when replacing the hoses. I noticed at that time that entire hot water valve body rotates about 15-20 degrees when turning the valve on and off, and...
  10. rt1Rez

    Mass plumbing codes hoses

    I currently have a separate washer and dryer on two separate walls. Each has it's own 120 V plug. And the water spout is right behind the washer. We are planning on getting a stackable washer dryer combo. I measured and to move the washer underneath the gas dryer, it would take between 5 and...
  11. Mark Ezrin

    Foam gasket needed

    Hi, Probably an unusual request. I've got an old Moen liquid soap dispenser, Model 3910. I need to reinstall it and the one part that I can't find is what I'd describe as a foam gasket or seal. The original disintegrated after 19 years. It goes between the Brass Escutcheon (see diagram) and...
  12. Just Trying My Best

    Updated Laundry Tray and Washer Diagram

    Hi all, I'm installing a new utility sink and relocating the washer. Working off of Terry's infamous Laundry Tray and Washer Rough-In diagram, I placed the washer and sink on separate walls. So my question: 1. Is it okay to turn the 2x2x2 long sani-T 90 degrees so it's horizontal rather than...
  13. Scottq

    Leak from drain in basement, Coming from Washer/Bathroom?

    I've noticed a leak coming from a PVC pipe visible in my basement. Water seems to be coming down the outside of the pipe, but is difficult to see where exactly because the pipe disappears into the floor (basement ceiling). This will be a drip, maybe one drop per few seconds. I can run toilets...
  14. micahmicah

    Strange Draining Issue

    Hi there, we have an issue with the basement toilet, and I can't figure out whats causing it for the life of me. Okay, so it started when the toilet in our basement started gurgling when the upstairs toilet was flushed. In about a week's time, the basement toilet splashed when someone was using...
  15. James Borjas

    Can DWV vent be shared between shower and washer?

    Hi all - longtime lurker but first time poster. I am redoing my bathroom and trying to set up a plan for the DWV lines for a standing shower and stackable washer-dryer, which are side by side (30" wide each, with a 5" framed wall dividing them). I am unsure how to properly lay out the vent...
  16. WeekendPlumber

    Plumbing in a ventless Washer/Dryer All-in-One

    Hey folks, long-time lurker first-time poster here. I recently bought a townhouse style unit in Boston from a flipper who really liked to take the easy way out if you know what I mean. I am discovering all sorts of fun surprises, haha. Anyway, I want to install a Ventless All-in-One...
  17. LDX

    Proper metal connector for washer hose brass vs stainless

    Hello, Hope someone can assist. I am replacing my washer and dryer including the hoses. Have to connect two 6' hoses to supply water for my steam dryer too. Bought two sets of the (apparently) best stainless braid coated with pvc hoses I could find...
  18. Peoples

    Washing Machine Hose Leaking

    I just a got a washing machine. Of course I want to see it work in my unit and I keep coming across a problem. Water is leaking from the hose at the connecting part to valve only on the cold water side. On the hotside it works fine. I replaced that hose on the cold side with a SS braided hose...
  19. ihasamoose

    Vent for sink/washer drain

    Hi all, I'm in Canada, Alberta. I'm looking to get a proper vent on my washer and at the same time get a vent for my future sink. I was wondering if this was correct, or if the vent is too far from the P drain to be effective (and to code) as it is about 5' away. Thanks for any help, I...
  20. artistsnature

    Adding washing machine and tray to bathroom DWV

    Hi guys, I'm trying to tie a new laundry room into an existing bathroom on a raised slab. The copper supply lines (as well as cast iron drains) are all under concrete, so I'm going to cut them off and re-route them through the walls. My concern is, is it okay to patch the washer and tray into...
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