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Hi Folks,

I'm a first time poster here, but I have been coming to the site for a couple of years now.

My house (in Nebraska) came with a basin for the washing machine drain. See picture #1:

That isn't terribly problematic, except that the basin empties into what seems to be a faulty floor drain. The floor drain likes to overflow, either due to being clogged or not being vented properly. I've tried all of the standard fixes, plus a few "creative" ones I dreamed up. There doesn't seem to be a cleanout for this drain, just like every other fixture that came with the house. The cleanout in the stack doesn't seem to reach back to this floor drain. Frankly, I have no idea where this thing drains and that kind of scares me.

Fixing a floor drain would probably be very expensive, and I'm not crazy about this setup anyway. However, my waste stack is conveniently located nearby. See picture #2.

I want to install a standpipe in the stack. I think my cleanout is somewhat awkwardly placed for this. See picture #3. It's a little high on the stack. I believe the pump on the washer should be able to overcome this. A standard solution would be picture #4, perhaps with a shorter standpipe.

If I had a high efficiency washer, I'd probably just install the standpipe and be done with it. However, I can't help but think that my basin is somehow necessary for this washing machine. If I were to elevate it and shorten the standpipe, I think it would siphon just fine. See Picture #5.

Which one should I choose? Should I modify it from my diagrams?

Any thoughts or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.







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