1. jkchs2003

    1959 Washer drain overflowing

    We just bought a house that was built in 1959. The washer drain is overflowing. The pipe is 1.5", which I know 2" is ideal. How much of the pipe has to be replaced? I ask, because only a few feet are above the concrete and I don't want to get into busting up concrete. Are there any other...
  2. Rick Ruddle

    Washer Standpipe Distance From Lav Drain

    I am in the process of roughing in my cabin in WV. I am far away from a plumbing inspection, but while the inspector was there today inspecting framing (he inspects everything but electrical), he said my laundry/lav drain was not correct. I was not there and the builder was relaying what he said...
  3. Andrew Campbell

    DWV Layout Feedback

    We're starting a remodel of a half bath/laundry room, on grade with a concrete slab. I recently pulled the drywall off and carpet up to see what we're working with, and I quickly found that nothing that currently existed in the space had a vent. The toilet appears to have been added at a later...
  4. Eric Padraic

    Using two washers instead of one in ballcock nut to extend fixture?

    This one should be an easy answer, but I can't seem to find it (I'm probably not using the right search terms...), so any help/redirection would be appreciated! I'm putting in a shower-over-bath in an alcove, and, lo and behold, after the tiler put in the tile, when I came back to put the final...
  5. googlealchemist

    kenmore he2 washer part replacement

    We initially replaced a broken water drain pump and I recently realized what must have broken it! The washer seems to have a broken rubber seal around the door and its allowing all sorts of crap to fall down in there (change and other things I wont mention due to grossness!) I want to make sure...
  6. JKMemphis

    Washer Drain Problem (from a plumbing illiterate)

    Please forgive the ignorance that I have about plumbing. I look forward to learning from you. I own a house built in the 1950s. It would appear a past owner tapped a washer drain pipe into some existing water pipe. That water pipe is MUCH smaller than normal. I think a plumber has said maybe...
  7. imscoop22

    Washer standpipe/drain/vent questions

    I am needing to re-locate my laundry room. I got a quote for the work that was way more than I can afford currently so I'm going to try and tackle this myself. Some of the decisions I've made (e.g. using a mechanical vent) are b/c I have to get this done quickly and as inexpensively as possible...
  8. Rumblefish

    Washing machine stinks of rotten eggs when running

    I know this has been brought up numerous times before, but I thought I'd ask anyway since there are a few things that might be unique to my situation. BTW, in Los Angeles, Calif. Our 30 plus yr old washer finally died. It was a good old Maytag. I knew of a local business with a good reputation...
  9. baba

    Using mobile on the toilet

  10. theparkway

    Proper venting of washing machine and sink drain in basement

    I am finishing my basement, where we had the builder put a drain line in for a kitchenette. I am wanting to also put in a second laundry in the basement, and have it share the same drain. The drain is 2 inch coming out of the slab. I have purchased the parts for the drain but want to make sure...
  11. mpapahronis

    Washing machine wall box suds backing up.

    Hi, all. Long time reader, first time poster/new member. I've searched around and couldn't find an answer to this particular problem, so apologies if it's a repeat. I have a toploading, non-high efficiency washer. It's about 12 years old-ish. Water drains from the discharge hose into...
  12. dpw-ct

    Clogged washer inlet

    I have an LG washer an get an IE code quite often, which requires that I clean the cold side inlet screen, which is difficult to get to. We have private well water, and mostly run the washer using cold water. Any good solution for this? inline filter perhaps By the way I have separate PEX...
  13. randomwyoguy

    Bathroom and laundry drain system

    Remodeling a small bathroom and adding a washer and dryer. Is the junction shaded in red below acceptable and safe? It would be a 3 inch wye that connects the shower and washer drains to the waste pipe which then flows to the main stack. My only concern the wye may impede flow from the toilet...
  14. Terry

    Replace 1.5" galvanized washer drain with 2" ABS

    Many homes in the 60's had 1.5" galvanized waste lines for the washer. My parents had something like that and it flooded often. I replaced theirs in the 70's. Here is a Lake Hills home from 1960 with the old galvanized trap and standpipe, which was also flooding. At the concrete level I found a...
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