1. Z

    Toilet tank issue. can't find the replacement

    Hi, This is my first time writing here. I have situation, I am looking for Jacuzzi ez36 Tank for one toilet. and Jacuzzi ez36 Tank Lid for 2nd toilet. don't ask me how they got broken but they did. I am looking online but can't find the tank or lid. Jacuzzi ez36 is discontinued. I went to home...
  2. V

    Can you add a larger pressure tank after filter?

    Hello all, I am having problems with the water pressure in my house and am getting even more pressure from my wife to fix it. This is my first home with a well system and i dont have too much knowledge on plumbing and well systems. Your expert help would be greatly appreciated. When I turn on...
  3. Kevin Craig

    Hairline cracks in brand new softener tank

    I bought a whole house carbon filter about 4 years ago and recently I noticed hairline cracks in the neck where the valve screws in and water was slowly leaking out. I contacted the website where I ordered the tank and they had a new one sent out promptly. But I noticed on the new tank there are...
  4. Jonathon T Leonard

    Installing Second Tank Questions.

    Hey guys, I've learned quite a few things from this forum already, but there is one thing that I can't quite get through my head. My well is a submersible pump that was installed before I bought the house almost 5 years ago now. I was told it's about 15-20 foot deep. My main problem is that I...
  5. BiancaM

    Pump recommendations

    We live off grid in the desert and have water brought in in trucks. We usually get about 600gallons per trip. We have 2 300gallon totes and they sit level with the house floor outside. We have freezing temps and snow and plan on building an enclosure for tanks and pump to avoid exploding the...
  6. TheOverThinker

    Anode rod rusted in place... is there such a thing as an inline anode for copper?

    Ok, I have these old tanks from 1993. The anode rods are a ball of rust, but the tanks do not leak. They're Rheem Rheemglas Standard 668H-120-T. What's my best course: leave the tanks be, or try to get some anode material into some other port on the tank? Is an "external anode" a possibility...
  7. DIYOwner

    Kohler tank to bowl leaking

    Got a new Kohler installed and the tank to bowl leaks outside everytime I flush. Called Kohler - they sent a new gasket , but it still leaks. On examination I noticed that the hole where the tank seats seems to be oval ( I think it should be round) Question 1) is it really a defective hole...
  8. Tim Plumbs

    Pump and Pressure Tank Combo or Separate Tank and Pump?

    Hi All, I have just bought a small cabin (1 bathroom and a kitchen sink, all on one floor). In the basement there is a 400 volt (3 phase) floor mounted pump and a 200 liter pressure tank. It all works but the water pump leaks pretty badly. The tank is the older type with no diaphragm and looks...
  9. Clayton Chase

    What Kind of Underground Water Storage Tank Is This?

    Hey guys, I'm working on finding a free flowing well that was dug on my property in the early 60s. One of the owners years and years back capped and buried it (no idea why). But according to the family who built it there is a well. So we start to dig. I started based on where I'd been told by...

    Float switch with a 300ft wire

    I have a 140' well pumping to a storage tank. The float switch is connected to a relay to engage the well pump. Right now they are within 10' of each other. I want to move the tank 300' away, up the hill so I can have some gravity feet to the house in the event of a power failure. Can the...
  11. KJS

    Sewage ejector basin problems

    Greetings from Canada, I'm a DIY-er who visits this site often for advice. This time I think I may be over my head. I have a sewage ejector system in my basement, looks like it was built in 92. I got the house in 2010. Pump and float/check were replaced in 2018. Last week the whole thing...
  12. Brian Carter

    Toto Aquia II tank (ST416M) replacement - can I use an ST412M?

    Hi Terry (and community), I bought a Toto Aquia II a couple of years ago and just got around to installing it (bathroom remodel taking a long time, but hey, we're staying at home a lot more now, so I have time to work on it - my wife says I should have hired a plumber; she's probably right)...
  13. stapf79

    Pump decision for basement water storage tank

    Hey all - I've been reading lots of posts here for guidance. And hoping I could get some pro's to weigh in on this decision. I'm planning to install a 250 gallon storage tank in my basement to help with flow rates in my single-story home. My well is really deep (500'), and we've always had...
  14. bearsbeets

    Well Water System Poor Pressure

    Hi, I recently (last week) moved in to a temporary new home with a well water system. I'm having issues with water pressure throughout the house and have watched countless videos on pressure tanks/switches/well systems and performed basic upkeep maintenance but am still having pressure issues...
  15. Michael Minney

    New Tank & Pump but still short cycling???

    My Flotec 30 gallon tank's bladder went and the tank was rusty so I purchased a Wellmate Pentair WM-9, 30 gallon fiberglass tank. I decided to purchase a new pump as well, seeing my pump was used 11 years ago when I moved into the house. I bought a 1hp Eco-Flo EFCWJ10. I replaced the tank...
  16. valhopkins

    HELLLP!! Lamosa “Sahara” toilet-cant find tank-toilet seal that fits

    I’m supposed to repair the leak on my neighbor’s toilet and the standard 2” tank to toilet seal is too BIG-there’s a gap around the plastic nut(?) that is screwed into the bottom of the tank. The old seal is a soft pink rubber type, not the black hard rubber like the new ones. I cant find a...
  17. RobertFlux

    Well tank hookup.

    I'm installing a new bladder tank in a tight space and would like to use stainless corrugated flex connectors to give me a little wiggle room and ease installation. These connectors are commonly used for hot water heaters, water softeners etc. but I've never heard of using them for a tank...
  18. Bigben2010

    New water heater tank exterior corrosion

    I'm a consumer looking for opinions. I just had a new Rheem electric water heater installed. There is corrosion on the tank, as you can see in the photo. In my opinion, it's a result of a poor coating job on the tank, and exposure to water or maybe just Florida humidity. You can see there are...
  19. Javi

    How do I open this cleanout??

    Hello fellow reader, Included are pictures of a cover I'm trying to properly open. (without using pliers/hammers/screwdrivers). The center square is 2"x 2" recessed about a quarter inch. Is there a special tool for this? Thanks in advance and have a nice day :)
  20. clawbennett

    Well Pressure Tank problems - Please advise

    Hello! We bought a house and moved in at the end of 2018. The previous owner has done 98% of the home build himself including all the plumbing and such. We are new to having a private well system. And lately we've noticed the well pump kicks on quite a bit. If we flush the toilet, it kicks...
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