p trap

  1. C

    Under Slab P Trap

    I’m installing a basement shower. The drain location is near the 4 inch main. Which option is better for the P trap location. I have it roughed in as option 1, without cementing the joints. It’s looking close to an S trap with a crown vent. With option 2, is it acceptable to have the P trap...
  2. Sem Sem

    Drain higher than p trap

    With new sink and counter top my drain line is higher than p trap. I am trying to use reverse p trap. Will this work or do i need to lower the drain line?
  3. J

    Home-owner looking for some help properly venting a 1st floor toilet around a support beam in the basement ceiling.

    Hello! I registered an account specifically for this question so any help would be greatly appreciated! I live in a house built 100 years ago and over that time there's been some questionable modifications done. One of which is the powder room on my first floor. When I moved in after a couple...
  4. P

    p trap

    I am changing out my bathroom and the sink is a wall-mounted sink it is for a wheelchair so I do not want the p trap to be in the way. The question is can I put the trap in the basement this means the drain pipe would be in the wall and go down about 10 feet before it reaches the main and run...
  5. diytaylor

    Help + Advice Needed Please! Air Gap Leaking from Backwash Drain Lines

    I live in a very rural area where there are almost zero reliable contractors/plumbers. Almost everyone I’ve hired over the last three years, I’ve had to redo some (or all) of their work. So I’ve relied on forums like this (THANK YOU!) and hundreds of hours of research to try and find decent...
  6. W

    replacing garbage disposal, brass p trap broke.

    Hi! Stumbled on this site from google searching. First time doing any of this, took all day and it works but i think i did something wrong because that is the type of person I am. Garbage disposal broke so I went to replace it. The p trap (learned that today) and pipes are brass. Not knowing...
  7. Lehighlager

    No vertical room for a Standard P-Trap, is Running Trap permitted?

    Looking for some advice on how to plumb a floor drain where there is not much vertical distance between the top of the floor drain and the existing waste pipe. I've included a diagram of what I want to do, labeled A. Basically the trap would be in-line with the 3-inch waste pipe (waste pipe...
  8. Paul E.

    Slab on Grade - Missing Bathtub Trap?

    House was built in 1969, slab on grade, single story, located in Texas. I'm converting the master bathroom tub to a shower. After pulling the cast iron tub out, I noticed two things. 1. I seem to be missing the compression nut on the 1-1/2" copper drain line. 2. Where's the p...
  9. Straight_A

    Height of shower p trap

    New to the forum although I use it frequently for reference. I'm running fixture drains from a bathroom to the main drain stack (about 2 ft to the right of the end of the pic.). My question is about the p trap shown. I have a 2" vertical drain from a shower pan, p-trap, 2" vent then it connects...
  10. Ddrone

    2” p trap siphoning off

    So the P trap on my washer drain keeps siphoning off. Every time the HVAC turns on i smell sewage out of the pipe. It happens as quick as I pour water in the trap. It’s seems vented well. I also understand the P trap should have been in the wall but 2 late for that.
  11. Freddy

    Sinks and dishwasher smell like rotting food. Easy fix?

    New plumbing and dishwasher installed by kitchen renovation subcontractor plumber. The dishwasher and sinks developed a smell like rotting food. I called plumber a couple of days ago to come back and am waiting. I am just wondering if this can be fixed without dropping the drain pipe in the...
  12. keb21

    Broken metal trap arm removal/install PVC P-trap

    Please bear with me - I am pretty handy but have limited plumbing experience! We just purchased a very old home to find lots of problems. Shortly after moving in, we realized our upstairs sink did not have a p-trap. The previous owners just connected the sink tail piece to the wall with a...
  13. markskovorodko

    Acceptable Double Sink Garbage Disposal/P Trap Config?

    Hi all, I'm a few weeks out from installing a new sink base cabinet, double basin sink, and garbage disposal (to be located on the right sink basin). We just had a plumber rough in new supply and drain lines as we're moving the sink to a new location in the kitchen. The plumber installed new...
  14. Sweendog92

    Question of shower p trap moving

    So I have a shower pan that requires the drain to be moved from it’s current position closer towards the threshold three and a half inches but the problem is the trap will hit the water lines. I was wondering what I could do to navigate around the water lines
  15. FakeGamerGirl

    Installing standard bathtub in mobile home

    Hello! We bought a flipped house as our first home (yeah we're geniuses) and the tub started peeling pretty quick. We bought a replacement tub that would fit in the space but didn't account for this new tub having an overflow opening when the old one didn't. We also didn't anticipate the trap...
  16. Girafdaniels

    Vent off shower drain trap arm

    The attached is a photo of a proposed plumbing layout underneath a shower. I’d like to pull a short run of horizontal vent off the pictured san tee, attaching a 90 directly on top of it and tying it into an existing vertical vent about a foot away. After the san tee, the drain line quickly...
  17. Girafdaniels

    Washing Machine P Trap Too High/Standpipe Short?

    The bottom of my washing machine 2” p trap is 25” off the floor and the standpipe is 19” tall. I’ve read that the trap is supposed to be 6-18” off the floor and standpipe 18-30” tall. It’d be a lot of work with the way it’s all run to change the p trap height. I could, however lengthen the...
  18. heckmab

    Double Vanity with AAV

    Hello, I really appreciate this amazing forum. I’m an HVAC guy trying to learn plumbing. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom and live in Rochester, NY. House was built in 1988. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe my issue. My issue is this: we want to install...
  19. k75s57

    Occasional Odor From Bathroom Sink

    • Occasional odor coming from MBR sink. Not repeatable on demand. • All sinks, toilets, shower, tubs drain easily. No gurgling or bubbling. • Using a bright flashlight on the sink trap and looking down the sink trap I see the following: • trap always has water. • trap water line has slight...
  20. MrDankBars

    Will this vent connection siphon my p trap?

    Hi all, I'm installing a full bath where a kitchen used to be and am trying to use some existing plumbing. There is a vent connection that will be downstream and below the p trap of my new sink. I am wondering if this vent connection will still siphon my new sink p trap if I add a new vent...
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