dwv plans diagram help

  1. A

    New house diagram

    Hey guys I’m planning to do my own plumbing for new house we are building. I was wondering is there a program that can do a whole house plumbing diagram.
  2. D

    rough in plumbing design assistance

    A bathroom design like this. Trying to figure out a 2d design for rough in plumbing. The original bathroom has no big pantry cabinet and the toilet is between the vanity and the shower. Any 2d designers out there can you rough out a layout regarding moving the toilet to the position shown in...
  3. PerryNotMason

    shower + lav draining into toilet drain with attic bathroom

    hi all, I'm installing a new small bathroom in my attic - the space is awkward and small, and my main question is about using space wisely. I'm located in Portland, oregon for code purposes. I intend on having a 3" toilet drain, as well as a lav sink and a shower in the new bathroom. new...
  4. Jayjayla

    Please Help: DWV Layout design for new construction.

    Hello, I am reaching out for help with the layout for my DWV layout in a new construction. I am building my own home in rural Idaho and want to make sure I am keeping it simple and efficient... and to code. I am seeking the advice of the experts! It will be a small, simple home. The compressed...
  5. Jimdel

    Vertical venting

    Terry, Can you please review my PlumbingLayout.png file? I'm trying to wet vent the upstairs bathroom based on the other attached file Hammerpedia.png. It is not clear to me how his example is venting the toilet (3 DFUs) plus the lav and tub (for a total of 7 DFUs) with a 2" vent pipe. My plan...
  6. Smorrison0702

    Venting setup

    Hi all, First time posting to this forum but have been coming here for advice for a while! I am working on the DWV setup for a new bathroom. I want to make sure that the attached setup will properly vent the shower. I’ve seen wet vent diagrams showing both a WC and shower downstream of a vent...
  7. Lyz

    Tear Up My DWV Diagram!

    Hi everyone! I am new here and this is my first time posting. Nice to meet you all, and thanks for reading. I am working on building a bathroom. I am in Arkansas and from what I can find, the codes here are based on the 2006 IPC. Anyway, I drew up a diagram and this is what I came up with...
  8. iamayak

    New bathroom, interrupted drain to stack

    I am relocating a second-floor bathroom. The main problem I am dealing with in planning out the remodel is figuring out the drain to the existing stack. I cannot run straight to the stack. I have U-shaped stairs in the space the drain would typically go through to get to the stack. Going around...
  9. spidey417

    Bathroom DWV question

    Hi, first time poster! I've learned alot about plumbing here about using proper fittings such as long sweep elbows and combo wye's. I've attached a diagram of the two bathrooms I'm remodeling at my home and wanted to know if the Master WC and Hallway Tubs are considered wet vented here...
  10. Bradley Grillo

    Can anyone review my DWV Sketchup Plan?

    Hi first time caller long time listener - I'm renovating a house and moving everything around. Before I start roughing in I wanted to see if I made any mistakes according to the 2015 IRC. I have attached the drawings (all pipe is PVC 2" and 3") The specific questions I have are: - I need (2)...
  11. James Borjas

    Can DWV vent be shared between shower and washer?

    Hi all - longtime lurker but first time poster. I am redoing my bathroom and trying to set up a plan for the DWV lines for a standing shower and stackable washer-dryer, which are side by side (30" wide each, with a 5" framed wall dividing them). I am unsure how to properly lay out the vent...
  12. Jwil

    SEEMS SO SIMPLE, Tie Into DWV stack

    No open spots. All joints on joints. Do I just cut that all out and remake with a double wye. Can the double wye itself be horizontal?
  13. Zane Bridgers

    DWV Plumbing Diagram Critique for Small House

    Hello Terry and co. and many thanks for the wealth of information you have provided to the public! This has been an excellent resource thus far - not sure where I'd be without it! My girlfriend and I are building a 720 sq ft. house in Northern New Mexico, Climate Zone 5a, UPC 2012. It will be...
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