1. D

    What's the Difference between TOTO model# CST453CEFG#01 vs. model# CST775CEFG#01

    The only thing I can find different between these toilets spec-wise is...well, nothing! I searched online and their descriptions are a carbon copy. I even called the TOTO showroom, and their rep looked and couldn't find any difference. She reached out to their techs, and said "I'll get back to...
  2. Kathryn

    Toto w/ 10” rough

    Hi! Renovating our hall bath and need a new toilet. It’s a 10” rough so choices are limited... Is Toto Drake the best option? The showroom I went to recommended - CST776CEFG Should I go with 1.28 or 1.6 GPF? Thank you so much in advance! Sincerely, Someone who does not know anything about...
  3. Director

    Drake 776 height with commercial style seat to be ADA compliant?

    Our library is replacing a 50 year old toilet in a public, single person bathroom that get daily use (5-15 visits/day 6 days week). We pay for water so GPF is a concern but not the driving factor as it would be in some areas of the country. Unlike some private homes that can clean as needed...
  4. WDR

    Toto fill valve Leak

    I have a TOTO Drake with fill valve TSU24A. The tank will drain, fill as normal, and shut off as normal, but then, it starts a slow leak which gradually increases into the center white tube. After a few moments, it overflows into the tube. Nothing will stop it short of shutting off the water...
  5. Ayoo

    Toto Drake Incomplete Flush on Flush Quick Release

    I just had 2 Toto Drakes (CST776CEFG) installed in my house after reading about them on this forum. One flushes very quickly and how i assume it would if i just depress the flush and release. The other doesn't do a complete flush upon depressing the flusher and quickly releasing, but does a...
  6. Nima

    Help! Is Toto Nexus toilet compatible with TSU01W.10R

    Hi, We have difficulty installing our Toto Nexus toilet in master bath. Space from the wall is 10 inch. Also have same space in guest bathroom for Drake toilet. 1. Is Toto Nexus toilet compatible with TSU01W.10R adapter? If not, is chipping the tile and concrete the only option or we can use...
  7. Jda128

    Best Toto to avoid skid marks

    Hi all, I installed 2 eco Drake's a year ago and have been disappointed in it's ability to clean and the constant skid marks (love everything else). Coming from crappy old toilets with more water supply, I guess all the lower water toilets are this way. About to install another toilet and need...
  8. Kathryn

    Selecting a toilet with 10” rough in

    Hello! I’m trying to select a reliable, don’t-ever-have-to-think-about-it-again toilet for a small powder room. 10 inch rough in Total depth of the room is 47 inches. I know that all reviews are in favor of Toto, but doesn’t seem like there’s a model that’s short enough to fit this space…...
  9. Sam78

    Can't Figure Out What Toto Drake Bowl I Have

    My bathroom is undergoing a remodel and I'm hoping to replace my current Toto Drake toilet with an identical one in a different color (we have bone and the new one needs to be white). I know that it is a two-piece Toto toilet with a Tank Model Number of ST743S #03. I can't seem to figure out...
  10. Eric Lytle

    TOTO Drake Dual/Drake II hybrid?

    So, I currently have a Drake Dual-flush and don't really like the low/narrow waterspot because my little one can't yet sit far enough back to hit the target, but I LOVE the 0.8gpf that still handles average solids and paper like a champ. I'm wondering if it's possible to hybridize the Drake II...
  11. Ken_C

    What's the purpose of this hole on side of Toto Drake bowl?

    I bought a Toto Drake 10" dual flush toilet. I noticed this hole on the right side of the bowl, with a sticker over it. What's the purpose of this hole? Also, should I remove the sticker now while it's easy, before it starts to yellow and peel? Thank you for any information.
  12. ChetHunter1996

    Bath Royale toilet seat

    Does anybody have any experience with this Bath Royale toilet seat on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/Bath-Royale-Elongated-Slow-Close-Quick-Release/dp/B00NAIO6CM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546970163&sr=8-5&keywords=plastic+slow+close+elongated+seat It is basically the top rated one on there with...
  13. ADInosaur

    Replacing a Mansfield 160 with a Toto Drake II or Ultramax

    I just purchased a loft condo and the toilets are pretty old and in need of replacement. I would like to replace a Mansfield 160 with a Toto Drake II or Ultramax II. The Mansfield bolts are 11" from the wall. Is is possible to fit either the Drake or Ultramax? Specs show both with 3/4" space...
  14. kb_aren

    Need Advice on Toto Toilet and Washlet

    Hello everyone, thanks for your time. We are remodeling our bathroom and looking to purchase a Toto toilet and Toto washlet. We've narrowed the toilets down to either the Ultramax (or Ultramx II) versus the Drake (or Drake II), and the washlet will be the S350e. My questions are these: 1)...
  15. Mark J. Wallin

    Drake with a leaking flapper

    I have a two year old Drake (ECO model I believe) with a 3" flush which developed a loud squealing noise problem after being flushed. I fixed that by replacing the disk inside the flush valve, but then I noticed a quieter noise sounding like the toilet was running, which was intermittent and...
  16. newhomeownerlearningcurve

    Deciding between Toto Drake II, Toto Eco Drake, Toto Ultramax or Kohler Cimarron

    I have been to both showrooms, talked to many people and still can't decide which toilet to get! Why is this such a hard decision!? I am a new homeowner and need to replace all 4 toilets in my home. My main necessities are: -powerful flush (I have low water pressure- I'm on a hill- and I have...
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