drain assembly

  1. keb21

    Shower drain not flush with pan. Possibly installed wrong?

    This drain has bothered me since we purchased our house (2020), but it’s never caused problems or been enough of a nuisance to check it out. Our shower drain does not sit flush with the lowest point in the pan so we get some pooling water around the edges. It looks to be about 3/16" higher than...
  2. T

    Leaking from Drain Assembly (New Vanity Faucet Kit)

    Hi everyone, I'm almost finishing the project of remodeling my Master Bathroom (it has been a challenge for months). This week came the plumber to install the 2 faucets/drain assembly kit on my Vanity. At the beginning everything seemed well connected and no leaks. But actually there were...
  3. Amandeep Singh

    Kitchen Drain Clogging Problem

    Kitchen plumbing is very crucial for every home. I love my kitchen but last week my kitchen drain stuck. My kitchen sink gets overflowing. Due to the weekend, I did not find any plumber. I realized the reason behind this, which is the drain pipe is small and the water flow of our sink faucet is...
  4. Patman2k


    Hey everyone. My tub shoe isn’t directly lined up with the tub (I’ll post a picture). It being off that little bit is causing the shoe gasket to be tighter on the left side than the right and I believe (can’t get directly under the tub) that is what’s causing my leak. I would think since it’s...
  5. chumbucket

    Help with double vanity rough-in

    Hi, I started to rough in the plumbing for a single to double vanity conversion on my bathroom remodel. I may have gotten ahead of myself, its come to my attention that I haven't set up my draining/venting properly for this set-up. Looking for some advice to get this setup done correctly...
  6. NickLo

    Drain lines for basement bathroom and laundry

    Hello everyone. First post. This forum has been really helpful so thanks in advance for anything you can provide. I wanted to get some feedback from everyone on this mapping of these drain lines. Couple of things to note. 1. I'm in Maryland which uses the IPC to my knowledge. 2. Everything...
  7. Jayson T

    Bath tub drain assembly and how to replace it.

    I would like to remove my old drain basket and replace it with a new one. However, it doesn’t appear to by a typical drain with the crossbars. I’m afraid to torque on it and mess it up or find out it’s not threaded etc. has anyone had experience removing this trip of drain?
  8. MK2007

    Tub drain leak at gasket

    Hello - we are just wrapping up a small bath remodel. Our contractor installed a new tub and tile surround, but we discovered a very small leak under the tub at the shoe gasket. Thankfully I had him cut in a small 8x8 access panel from our bedroom so we could check for leaks. It is an acrylic...
  9. Jrichardson30

    Remove shower drain clamping ring

    DIY Guy remodeling my master bath. Planned to do everything except the shower mortar bed bc it just seemed too tricky. SO...I had some not-so-great tile guys build the mud bed for my shower. They installed drain, pan liner and did the mud bed. They messed it up, isn’t level and not sloped...
  10. samiller06

    Drain question back to back Kitchen and bath sinks

    First time I'm using this forum... I am doing a remodel with approximately back to back kitchen and lavatory sinks. The 2" drain and vent pipe is offset with a 2"x2"x2" sanitary tee to attach the 2" horizontal drain line to. I am considering attaching a 2"x 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" sanitary tee with a 1...
  11. Jeanne M Quinn

    Help identifying part to popup drain assembly

    Hi! We just received a new vessel sink which didn't come with any installation instructions. The popup drain has several pieces to it and though we think we know how it all goes together, there is one ring which is a soft foam we're not sure if that goes above or below the sink... or if it's...
  12. MaRisaJ

    Freshly installed sink basin and faucet leaking. Help

    This is my first project beyond replacing the toilet innards. I’m doing my best. I bought a Glacier Bay vanity with Sinktop and a Glacier bay faucet. Everything is working fine on the water supply side but now I can’t get the drain to stop leaking. I put silicone under the drain flange. I...
  13. sskicker23

    Laundry Room Sewer Smell After Sink Addition

    Hi All, I recently remodeled my kitchen and laundry room in a 1970's ranch. I hired a highly reviewed master plumber (who completed the work) to rough in the supply and drain line for a new undermount sink. The laundry room is on the front left corner of the house near the entry walkway. The...
  14. Lyn Wolford

    Jammed sink stopper...do I have to saw???

    I got frustrated and craaaaaammmmmmed the stopper of my bathroom sink down into the drain assembly and wow did it work! It is suuuuuppppper stuck now and moving the up/down thingy does nothing...and is even harder than it was before. Grrrrr. Believe I have what I need to put in a new one, but...
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