1. Amhp

    Sump pump runs every 10 minutes on a dry day

    Hi- We are considering purchasing a row home in Baltimore city but it has water running into the basement that is pumped into the storm drain with a sump pump about every 10 minutes on a dry day. The two homes flanking the home have the same issue and no one knows the source but it's been an...
  2. IHateUserNames

    Please Delete

    Have an existing french drain set up in the basement, PVC pipe, but a 15-inch basin (24 deep) and it is tight. Right now have a Zoller and a battery back up there and realizing the Zoller is actually pretty narrow (side by side, upper lower was never going to happen). For the curious, the...
  3. Geran

    Basement insulation for walls and floors

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of finishing my basement. I've put up the 2x4 walls (they have 1" xps as a capillary break) it is time for the flooring and insulation. This is where I need some help. For insulation purposes, I live in Maryland (climate zone 4). Walls My idea is to...
  4. Kevin71246

    Toilet drain under slab in Chicago burbs

    Im in suburbs but we go by chicago plumbing code. Im roughing in plumbing for a bsmt bathroom. Is a 3" PVC toilet drain pipe under the concrete slab for a toilet code in Chicago or is 4" required? Or 3" only ok for a max distance? I'm only going about 4' but would like to know if distance...
  5. JonRVA

    Help with 2 different Layout options

    I'm replacing 4" cast iron and adding a basement bathroom. One of the layouts would keep the main line 4" with the basement bathroom having a straighter path to where the main exits the building. There are 2 Full Bathrooms on the main floor that would connect on the Wye branch of a 4x4x4 The...
  6. DOmi

    Help basement flooding

    I think water is coming up from under floor around this pipe which is in middle of the basement in the wall. I knocked out the drywall and pipe comes from floor to about 5 ft high with a vented cap on it. I can't get pic to upload. I think is a vent of some sort. I cannot find a floor drain...
  7. Jered S

    Basement cold air return

    I have a new finished basement that has plenty of supply air ducts on the ceiling. The return air duct is also on the ceiling. I question this. It makes sense to me to have the cold air return duct on the floor as to pull the cool air off the floor and draw the warm air down off the ceiling...
  8. DC907

    Venting a Utility Tub directly below Kitchen Sink

    This is a request for advice prior to seeking a few local estimates. I would like to have a utility tub installed in the basement directly below the kitchen sink in our mechanical room. The kitchen sink waste line is 1 1/2" pvc fed into a 2" vertical PVC line with cleanout 24" above slab that...
  9. MorganB

    Vent Placement

    I am doing a DIY basement remodel. Most of what needs to be done is to raise the current lines for the first floor up into the joists to raise the basement ceiling as far as possible. Before I scheduled an inspector to come I would love to get your thoughts. I'm not much of an artist so if you...
  10. Maggie R

    Locating bathtub p-trap in basement bathroom

    Long story short, some mortar was poured down our bathtub drain in our basement, it hardened and now needs to be replaced. We were told by our home insurance company that our home is new enough (2007) that our p-trap could possibly be located in the wall vs. the foundation but that they'd have...
  11. thegorilla

    Help needed moving & adding laundry to old utility room

    Hi all, I need some advice and suggestions please. In my downstairs utility room, I would like to change a utility sink to a kitchen sink, move my laundry connections from one wall to another, and add a laundry connection upstairs on the other side of the same wall (in a carport closet). The...
  12. Newbie17

    White capped pipe (4.5 inches) in a basement floor, what it is for ?

    White capped pipe (4.5 inches) in a basement floor, what it is for ? The house is fairly new . All rest of the plumbing are black. Can this white one be used for washer and sink drain? Thanks
  13. Rudy15

    Sorting out basement rough-in

    Hi folks, Looking for some guidance on a DIY basement rough-in. Thought I was done but had a bit of a brainwave and realized I don't think my shower venting is adequate considering it's tied in to the toilet drain. What would be the best way to resolve this properly? Any help would be much...
  14. GerryT

    Mystery pipe: could this be a vent?

    Hello! I am in the process of renovating my basement and will be building a new bathroom as well. The contractor already installed the drains for a shower, a toilet and a sink and a 4" backflow valve (the Bow model with a trap door) because there was none previously.Now, since the old plumbing...
  15. Len Hardy

    Basement under counter sump pump

    The majority of my basement is finished and I am finally getting around to finishing the small kitchen area. When the original work was completed, the plumber set it up for an under counter sump pump. I have attached a picture of the sink outlet (on the left), and the vent and outlet to the...
  16. beedle

    Basement Crock - Fibers in Drain

    Hi, I pulled the attached from the drain that runs into my basement sump pump crock. Anyone have any ideas as to what it is or what caused it? Thanks.
  17. Alden

    Pipe leak at water shut off or ground water?

    We're in the middle of a basement remodel and now there is water dripping off the wall around the water shut off valve. The wall is damp to the left and right of the valve, not just beneath at the 90. We did replace the old valve and may have damaged the old pipe in the foundation in the...
  18. dcourtney

    Adding a mini bar sink to bathroom drain line

    Hi All, Im in the process of finishing my basement. Ive completed the framing and am working on plumbing and electrical plans. We decided that we'd like a 14-15" bar sink included that would sit behind the surround shower wall. My question is, can I tap into either the bathroom tub or sink waste...
  19. Mike Mazzla

    Leak In showing on basement wall

    I noticed a leak on my basement wall that seems to be happening when I run my shower on the 2nd floor of my house . The wall in the basement is sort of recessed pushed outward to accomodate a largeish white pipe that goes behind it that was put in when I dormered my house 10 years ago and added...
  20. iVino

    Wine Cellar Insulation

    Although I’ve done a lot of research, I keep running up against conflicting information and I’m helping you can help me sort it all out. I’m in Seattle (Zone 4) and am constructing a passive wine cellar in a corner of my basement. The majority of the two exterior walls are below grade and...
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