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Have an existing french drain set up in the basement, PVC pipe, but a 15-inch basin (24 deep) and it is tight. Right now have a Zoller and a battery back up there and realizing the Zoller is actually pretty narrow (side by side, upper lower was never going to happen). For the curious, the runtime of the Zoller is about 20-25 seconds, sump runs all four seasons, but only during the wet weather changes, the rest of the year, it is as dry as a dessert, but after about .75-inches of rain/12-24 hours, soil saturated the water starts and if there is no power or no main sump, I will have ankle-deep water in my mostly below grade basement!

The Zoller basically triggers when the water is just about the top of the french drain. Fills from the bottom more often than the drain. Came with the house. Not my work or project initially. During the heaviest rains, it will run once per minute, then slide to every 5-7 and run for a couple of days. Zoller is 6 years old.

OK, that's the background. Here is the question?

When I stare at it, I wonder, should it be 20-22 inches and three feet deep? Should I be pumping water out before it gets that close to my slab or does it not really matter?

Tempted to do it myself, but then again, tempted to have someone else come and do it... lol.

Pics attached. Maybe they help, maybe they are interesting to someone? lol. old square sump hole is also where the house water comes in, whole house trap too. They went around it when they put in the drains. You can sort of see where they poured cement for the drains. The circle? Beats me. Could be the location of the gravel or where they dropped the cover over the cement? Weird.

And thanks for your thoughts and comments in advance. Yes, I did the work for the backup.

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