Tub and Shower Fixture Configuration

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    Hello -
    Thank you all for being here! We are installing a jacuzzi tub and I would like to install three handles (third being a diverter), faucet and then a shower head (rain shower style). The faucet and handles will be installed on the deck and the shower head will be installed centered on the ceiling.

    Two Questions:
    1. The diverter was originally designed to be used with a handheld shower wand, but would like to use it for the shower head. Does that seem reasonable?

    2. To properly install these pieces what sort of rough-in do I need? I will be using pex.

    Thank you!
  2. jadnashua

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    First, you'll probably want at least 3/4" pex and maybe 1" as a large tub needs a good volume to fill it, and 1/2" pex won't cut it!

    Then, code requires when a shower is involved, that the valve must have antiscald technology. It's less expensive, generally, to use a diverter tub spout than a diverter valve, but you could use either. Most, not all, antiscald valves are single handle. How easy it would be to use the existing valves would require more info on what models and brands they are. Then, considering the code requirements on remodels, it may be easier to just replace it. If the tub doesn't already have a tiling flange, then you'll need that. Best to buy a tub with that installed, or get their add-on tiling flange kit.
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  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    A deck mount faucet for a deck tub would not use a diverter spout, but a separate diverter. It depends on how fast you want to fill the tub. Some of the smaller jetted tubs do fine with 1/2" PEX, though if you want to speed things up, you can pick up a valve that uses 3/4". Grohe makes some like that. Recently codes have changed, and you may be required to install a tempering valve, which can be placed at the water heater. They want to make sure that if an older person is placed in the tub, and someone fills the tub for them that there is a limit on temperature that can scald. Most of the tempering valves adjust from 120 degrees at the high end and downward.
  5. cacher_chick

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Test, Don't Guess!
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    You will also find that if your only shower head is directly above you, it does not work very well when it comes time to rinse all the soap off.
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