Toilet clogs 3-4x/wk - toilet issue or further down?

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About 4 years ago, we purchased one of the Costco Water Ridge 2pc toilets that seemed well rated at the time. We got permission to use it in our apartment as we needed the higher seat.

After we installed it, a few unrelated toilet line plumbing issues came up in the building. A plumbing guy showed up saying that the line was blocked below our unit but was affecting the unit above. The guy augered it and came out with some rubber kids toy, from the apt above I guess because it wasn't ours.

Anyway, we've had ongoing and frequent clogs which are wearing us down. I meant 3 times a week, minimum. This is from regular BM use and normal to light TP use. We finally bought a pro type toilet auger and literally have to use every single time it clogs (it's impossible to plunge this toilet because of the shape of the bowl/hole). Let me say, this has gotten old, especially with ongoing health issues.

FWIW, the clog always seems to dislodge at the very end of the toilet auger's capacity (I think abt 3ft). I would think is likely past our toilet plumbing.

So, I'm trying to figure out:

1) is it most likely an issue with the building's plumbing below our line or

2) a deficiency in our toilet's ability to flush?

We're over this and want to get it resolved. Obviously, we can get maintenance to auger the line but they've done it before & we still have the issue. Also, as I've been trying to learn more about this, I've found some pretty negative reviews saying some of the WR toilets clog incessantly (seems to be completely hit or miss - with folks installing several of the WR toilets and some clog constantly while their others never do). I'm wondering if we have one of those misses.

I'm just wondering, if you came across this yourself, would you think toilet or line? Any thoughts or advice would be super helpful. Thanks so much!
(Please let me know if you need any more info.)


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Sounds like the toilet to me.
However, you mention ongoing health issues. If that includes larger than normal movements, then many toilets out there won't work.
Average sizes are 3/4" by 4"
Most of the time, it's the trapway in the bowl that is blocked. I prefer a sweeping trapway, like the TOTO models have.
Their newest is the CST776CEFG
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Also many of the Kohler products like the Highline work well.
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No toilet will work well if the main line is clogged. What happens if you flush the toilet a few times as soon as it refills? Or, get a big bucket and pour the water down. If it backs up, that could be a symptom of a clog that is a bit further down the line than your auger can reach, as it fills up, things back up, but slowly flow out past the partial clog.

I don't have any experience with that might be fine, it could be your drain lines and a closet auger may not be long enough to reach the problem area, if that's the issue. Could be another toy lodged below your toilet in the line somewhere.
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