toilet clog

  1. J

    The 1 in a million?

    Hi there, So, I'm beginning to think that I'm experiencing a one in a million situation.... Lol. Here's what we are up against.... Hopefully SOMEONE out there has had a similar situation... We just moved in to a mobile home that was sitting vacant for 20+years. Drains were an issue from day...
  2. raeyn

    Toilet clogs 3-4x/wk - toilet issue or further down?

    Hi, About 4 years ago, we purchased one of the Costco Water Ridge 2pc toilets that seemed well rated at the time. We got permission to use it in our apartment as we needed the higher seat. After we installed it, a few unrelated toilet line plumbing issues came up in the building. A plumbing...
  3. Mel Kale

    A cutting knife was flushed down the toilet.. and disappeared!

    Hi! Renovations have been going on in my bathroom and a cutting knife has been flushed down the toilet by accident. I tried to use the Cobra Power Plunge-it to make it reappear but nothing happened. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Greg9840

    Toilet clogged - snake won't go down all the way

    Hi everyone, I have a clogged toilet and I am really looking to avoid having anyone come into my house due to the fact I live in a pandemic hotspot. But I'm not very handy. My toilet was completely clogged and plunging only helped a little, allowing it to slowly drain. Any time paper is used...
  5. Tom Hazel

    Any recommendations for 10 inch rough-in toilet to fit baseboard heat?

    Hello, I’m new to this. My tenant’s toilet doesn’t seem to be flushing properly. The condo manager seems to think it’s not the vent and I have already snaked it multiple times but it doesn’t seem to fix the issue. So I’m sitting here on one of my tenant’s toilet typing this after buying my...
  6. HomeownerJanet

    "floaters in the shower"

    I had a plumber come out and clean out my sewer main and said that he checked (and cleaned out) the toilets, tubs, showers and sinks in both bathrooms in my one story 1941 house. About two month later (about a week ago) I had him return because the garage sink and washing machine, which is on...
  7. Alvarezb18

    Toilet just fills up and then will slowly drain but nothing will gown down but water.

    When I flush my toilet it fills up to the rim with water. It will then drain slowly but not even a piece of toilet paper will go down the drain. I've tried plunging it and nothing is coming up like it had a clog. I plunged and flushed about 30 times. I then did the soap and hot water method...
  8. Susantrendy

    Lower level toilet is overflowing

    Hello out there! I am knee deep in , well, you can guess. My 62 y/o split level has two upstairs bathrooms and one lower level bathroom/laundry room. For years, at least twice/yr, the bottom toilet overflows, the plumber comes and snakes the main line. The rest of the time, this toilet...
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