1. Jim112

    Toilet blocked, backed up, bad plumbing?

    Relatives of mine got the attic converted a few years back, and installed a toilet up there. Some local guy done the plumbing - not sure of his qualifications. The toilet comes from the far side of the attic and the pipes travel across the room - and it was added to the existing stack in the...
  2. Theyegis

    Toilet fill valve making continuous hissing sound

    Hi all. First time poster here so apologies for any mistakes. My fill valve has recently started to make a pretty steady hissing sound, even when not flushing. Here's the link to two videos to demonstrate this: In the shorter one, you can even see a...
  3. TOTOenjoyer

    Toto Model Ordering Confusion

    Morning, plumbing experts and aficionados! My wife and I are remodeling our guest bathrooms and have decided to replace the builder-grade toilets that came with the house. We are looking for toilets with the following features: standard height, two-piece, 1.6 gallon flush, elongated...
  4. Makemenuconfig

    Anything wrong with running a 1/4 bend into a wye?

    If I remember correctly, 45 degrees is considered vertical, so it seems like I should be able to use a 1/4 bend (with a heel to vent) into a wye like this. Does this work for a WC?
  5. Michael Crivello

    Toilet Overflow, leaks from under the bowl

    I've had my toilet overflow and I'm not sure but in one of the pics it looks like something is broken. Can somebody see if something is broken and needs to be replaced.
  6. Brendan Poirier

    1/8th inch pitch acceptable ? Garage toilet

    I had the sewage line ran to my garage from the septic tank. I really want to put a toilet in the garage as it is detached. The location I want to put the toilet is 21 feet from where the sewage connection enters. The sewage connection will be 1.5" under the bottom of the concrete slab. So If I...
  7. Terry

    There is only one way to sit on a toilet

    Saturday Night Live asks about sitting positions on toilets. Toilet Death ejector. The Koohl toilet The Love Toilet
  8. Ajacobs

    Overtightened toilet question

    Had a toilet on a tile floor that was leaking *very* slightly - like, once every two days a small rivulet of water seeping along the grout on one side around the base - after replacing the wax seal multiple times found that the bowl as loose. I guess that in an effort to not overtighten the bowl...
  9. Frankpc

    Tank to bowl rubber spacers/bushings/shims - where to buy?

    Toilet had three(?) rubber spacers (bushings or shims?) between the bowl and the tank. There are two along the front edge of the tank and maybe just one on the back edge in the middle. The two spacers on the front edge are still there. But the one (or two) along the back edge have broken and...
  10. Vin_ny

    Plumbing Vent for Toilet

    Hello, I was wondering if this fitting (attached) 3" x 3" x 2" - DWV 90-Degree Hub x Hub Elbow with Lowheel Inlet would work for the 2"inlet to be piped and used for venting outside of the home for a toilet or would it pose an issue? Appreciate the help.
  11. User786

    Toto CST776CSG#01 or CST776CEG#01? Any meaningful difference in flush?

    Hi, I have narrowed it down to either of these two models with the help of this forum and @Terry Thank you for the help and input. I know I do not want a taller toilet but I also know I want an elongated bowl so that's I why I have narrowed it down to these two. Now I just have to decide...
  12. Nima

    Help! Is Toto Nexus toilet compatible with TSU01W.10R

    Hi, We have difficulty installing our Toto Nexus toilet in master bath. Space from the wall is 10 inch. Also have same space in guest bathroom for Drake toilet. 1. Is Toto Nexus toilet compatible with TSU01W.10R adapter? If not, is chipping the tile and concrete the only option or we can use...
  13. Theant

    Super low sink pressure when washer or toilets run

    Background: house built in 1986, well water, pressure tank. I do all the plumbing, but we only bought the house a couple years ago, so problems may or may not be my fault :) Water pressure in our sinks is normally really good. It's great in the showers. But when the washing machine is...
  14. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  15. Terry

    Vortens™ Brand Toilet Tank Settlement

    If you are a Texas owner of a Vortens™ Brand Toilet Tank that was manufactured between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2010, you could get benefits from the Cone v. Vortens Class Action Settlement. November 16, 2020 Claim Filing Deadline Sorry, we just saw this today over a year later. As a...
  16. Kathryn

    Selecting a toilet with 10” rough in

    Hello! I’m trying to select a reliable, don’t-ever-have-to-think-about-it-again toilet for a small powder room. 10 inch rough in Total depth of the room is 47 inches. I know that all reviews are in favor of Toto, but doesn’t seem like there’s a model that’s short enough to fit this space…...
  17. Kamil

    Toilet Venting

    Hello, I have a question regarding two toilets that are on the same horizontal drain pipe. The toilets are back to back in two separate bathrooms. As you can see on the picture toilet#2 is vented but I am not sure if toilet #1 needs a vent as well and if it does how would one do it while...
  18. Michael Crivello

    Replacement of Toilet / Leaks

    I had recently replaced my toilet not really know what I was doing and when press the handle down the water slowly starts to go down but then starts leaking on the bottom of the toilet. To fix this issue I bought a wax ring with bolts set and put down the wax ring under the toilet where I...
  19. DoINeedaNewToilet

    Do I need to return my brand new toilet?

    Hi all, I bought a new DeerValley DV-1F52807 compact toilet online for my remodeled powder room. We were really excited about saving space, but I noticed something weird when I was inspecting it. All the porcelain and everything looks like it's in good shape, except for a hole in the web...
  20. Terry

    John Douglas Royal toilet

    John Douglas, a 1905 Royal Toilet. At least that's what it says on the rim of the bowl. Some people claim that the slang name “John” for the toilet, came from the John Douglas Company of Cincinnati putting his name on the toilet in America. There were actually a few manufacturers with John in...
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