Sharkbite Manifolds...reliable? Pex size recommendation

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Three questions:

1 - I have 3/4 copper for both hot and cold running into the space that will be our master bath. If I sweat on a SharkBite manifold to each of them and then attach Pex to SharkBite fittings, assuming everything is done correctly, will this setup be reliable and not leak 2 or 3 years from now? I ask because after reading a lot about the SB connections on the web while 90% of them are positive, I find about 10% that complain of leaks (not connected correctly from the start???) or just some opinions that SharkBite fittings are for "hacks". They sure make life easier upfront...just want to know if they have any flaws down the road.

2 - I will be installing two vanities and a large shower (no bath tub) that will have large rain shower head and a regular shower head with a wand attachment. When I run 1/2" Pex to the shower I assume the best solution would be 2 separate runs back to the manifold for the two shower heads so each would be fed from a distinct connection from the manifold as opposed to sharing the same 1/2" line, correct?

3 - Assuming I use a 3/4" copper manifold with 1/2" SB fittings and I do use the separate runs for each shower head...If I'm about 12' feet away from the manifold, will the pressure be very good at both shower heads?...or do I look for a 3/4" copper manifold with 3/4" SB fittings? My concern is that the 1/2" SB fittings might restrict the volume of water...opinions?

Thanks in advance.

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