Replacing Kitchen Sink Drain Waste Pipe Behind Kitchen Wall - Est. Cost, etc

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So my wife and I have recently dealt with replumbing our kitchen sink. We replaced the P trap, updated supply lines, found we had a leak in our strainer so fixed that, there was a corroded extension pipe leading to the waste pipe (both I believe galvanized steel? it's a 1923 house and we're not sure its full maintenance history) so we removed that and replaced with a pvc extension, but now come to find out the entire length of the drain pipe behind the cabinet walls is corroded. We used a scope camera and confirmed at least two full steady leaks in that line.

We're very average, maybe slightly below average, DIY'ers and are probably beyond the point of our comfortability. We're wondering what we might expect to hear cost wise from either a small independent plumber and also one of the bigger local companies who are used to larger jobs.

Unfortunately our walls are lathe & plaster, so it makes it a bit wonky. I'm assuming a lot of the cost is simply the labor of opening the wall cavity and I'm wondering if we did some of that ourselves would it be any cost savings ultimately, or would we risk screwing it up by doing it improperly? It's about 4 feet horizontally and then about a three foot drop into the basement where it connects to newer PVC.

Any and all advise would be much appreciated!


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600 to 1500 plus wall patching yes you could save a lot opening up walls it is much of the work
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