1. Bling

    Bathroom addition help

    Hello, I am new to the forum and was hoping for some advice with drains for a bathroom addition in a half story of a cape. I am located in MA which has its own plumbing code (but is similar to UPC). Some of the challenging conditions are: 1. the ceiling is sloped (with a clipped gable) which...
  2. webdood90

    How to water test DWV?

    I have all of my vertical pipes capped except my laundry drain. I have a test plug that blocks the entire system from the existing drain. There are 2 vents, 1 that connects to an AAV and one that connects to an existing vent that exits the roof. I thought I could fill my system via the laundry...
  3. psarkis

    Sewer gas from shower drain and water pooling on tiles. Help!

    We purchased a 1971-built home in Palm Springs about 2 years ago. It was a fresh renovation, which included replacing the tub in the master bath with a tiled shower. About 8 months ago, we noticed two things happening: there is a persistent sewer gas smell from the shower drain that gets worse...
  4. treefrogman

    Nonstandard claw tub drain configuration

    I am plumbing a claw tub drain. I have mostly seen them plumbed straight down from the overflow, with the drain entering horizontally (pic 1). online i see products where the drain goes straight down and the overflow sweeps under to join it (pic 2). in my case there's framing and plumbing in...
  5. Rowers

    Wye Options

    I'm putting in a second floor bathroom in. The toilet is going to be run down one bay with a 3" line and the sink and tub will run down a second bay exiting with a 2" line. All fixtures will be vented locally due to distance. Once I come down to the first floor I'm planning to use a vertical...
  6. WoodchuckDIY

    Master Suite Bath Drain Advice - Tub and Bath Separate

    Hello All! I've been perusing the forums (and much of the web for that matter) without finding details on the proper way to vent a stand alone shower and stand alone tub into the same drain line. In addition to this, open to any feedback/concerns/advice on my general plans for the relocation...
  7. positronus

    Moving shower drain across floor joist

    Below is the diagram of my bathroom plumbing system, hopefully it's somewhat correct. I'd like to move shower drain to the right of the joist (marked with 'new'). I was thinking about following options, that might as well be incorrect because I am not very versed in plumbing codes: * Move drain...
  8. DanaG

    Align Sink Drain with P-trap?

    I'm trying to replace a bathroom sink, but the new sink's drain no longer aligns with the p trap. (See attached picture) The pipes are off by about 1.5". Just wondering if there are any easy fixes here to re align? Very much a novice DIYer so any input is appreciated!
  9. marshall62

    Ventilation stack leak

    We have heavily used shower in an upstairs bathroom (with exhaust fan) that drains into a pipe that runs up/down an outside wall into the attic where it then turns and runs horizontally in toward the center of the building where it joins a larger diameter stack pipe. Its very cold in our attic...
  10. webdood90

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent design

    Hi there. I'm planning to redo all of the plumbing in my upstairs bathroom. The drains and vents are the part I'm least confident in doing correctly. I'm in Denver which uses IPC. Below is a picture of my current plumbing and the changes I would like to make. There is currently one vent for...
  11. bshmstr

    Best Option for Laundry Drain Tie In?

    I am in the process of adding a washer and dryer on the second floor of my two story home. They will be located on the other side of the wall from a bathroom group (tub/shower, toilet, and lavatory) so I have relatively good access for routing the drains and supply lines. My question is what is...
  12. Noah L

    Laundry tub backs up - vent is used by water softener

    Hey all, I was browsing other threads with clogged laundry tub problems and found some information but not what I was looking for in my particular case. I will preface this with I'm a pretty amateur plumber dude and am unfamiliar with terms you may use, so bear with me. I have a basement...
  13. Grinch

    Standpipe clearance for basement drain

    Hi, I have an issue with my water softener/iron filter backwash lines. I am on a septic tank and my WS/filter are in the basement .I want to splice a wye adapter into the drain to install a p trap but code dictates a 18" standpipe. The 3" drain is hung from the floor joists as in the picture...
  14. Frankiek3

    Plan for Basement Bathroom and Expansion for Future 2nd Floor Bathroom

    IPC 2015, All PVC Existing 1st floor full bathroom, adding a basement bathroom, and plans on a future 2nd floor full bathroom. The basement septic pump I'm going with requires a 2" waste and a 2" vent pipe. The plan is to tie-in the vent with a 2x2x2 sanitary tee above the bathroom sink flood...
  15. Brendan Poirier

    Sump pump plumbing

    Hi everyone looking for some insight on how my sump pump is set up. I made a quick sketch to show how it is currently plumbed. The horizontal check valve you see in the photo is from the second sump pump which is at the rear of my house. It pumps to the front sump pump and its all tied together...
  16. Sankar

    Garden drain blocked

    With recent rains I could see garden pathway drain is blocked and thus water logging. Question is will this block be removed by using Bunnings drain block remover liquid? Or should I call a professional block remover? Cheers, Sankar
  17. mcfall9

    Sewage Ejector questions. Wet Vent

    I am installing a bathroom in the basement I have to pump up to the drain. For lack of a better name the "Sewer Crock, pump" will need to be vented. Do I have to tie into and existing vent upstairs that runs to the attic-roof or can I tie into the sewer drain and use a wet vent ?
  18. vinrin2

    Wye not cut it in here?

    I am installing a new linear shower drain. What I hope to do is install the new drain upstream of the 1.5” dry vent, however there is already one 2” vented drain that discharges just above the vent (originates at my washing machine). Reading code 909.2, it appears that I should not install the...
  19. Michael Bluejay

    Can a horizontal wye connect to a drain upstream (backwards)?

    I'm installing a shower but the 18" between its drain and the wall is not enough space to run its trap arm, wye for a vent, and wye to tie into the main drain. If it's acceptable, I'd like to connect the shower drain to the trap arm coming from the toilet, but the wye from the shower would be...
  20. DIYdaisy90

    Kitchen Sink Plumbing

    Prior to moving into our house last year my husband re-ran all of the water and drain lines and hooked up our dishwasher / garbage disposal / sink drains. Since we moved in every few months we have had horrible smells coming from first the dishwasher and now the sink. Eventually, I starting...
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