waste pipe

  1. Billboe

    Garage apartment septic hookup options?

    Hello All, I’m building a detached garage with an overhead apartment this summer and I can see two options for connecting to the existing septic system. I’m in north central Vermont so we do see sub zero temps in the winter. Below is a crude diagram showing the options. Option 1 - ~90’...
  2. N

    which is a correct practice in sanitary pipe routing in the following case as given in the image.

    We are in the process of designing a waste pipeline and are seeking guidance on the best practice for connecting two WC units that are positioned back to back. Could you provide insight or recommendations for this scenario?
  3. Plumbledon

    unexpected toilet flange waste pipe connection

    DIY'er here, PVC toilet flange in basement was in very bad shape and could see it was a 4in flange with an inside coupling to waste line, at least that's what it looked like. Chipped out the flange and coupling hoping to duplicate the setup with a new parts. But what's down there is some kind of...
  4. Jim112

    Toilet waste pipe from attic, added to original stack, advice needed

    Would love to get more info here before I undertake costly repairs. Posted a similar qs recently but I made a mess of it, so here's another attempt Relatives added a toilet in the attic a few years ago, have had problems recently with blockages and odors - I've never seen a waste pipe added...
  5. OB1

    Closet Flange to Waste Pipe connection

    I am in the process of installing a new toilet and found something strange looking with my existing closet flange. Near the bottom of the transition it appears that the closet flange transition/tapered area was cut or broken off. I can see a 1/4" space between the closet flange transition and...
  6. keb21

    Broken metal trap arm removal/install PVC P-trap

    Please bear with me - I am pretty handy but have limited plumbing experience! We just purchased a very old home to find lots of problems. Shortly after moving in, we realized our upstairs sink did not have a p-trap. The previous owners just connected the sink tail piece to the wall with a...
  7. Dbit

    Replacing Kitchen Sink Drain Waste Pipe Behind Kitchen Wall - Est. Cost, etc

    So my wife and I have recently dealt with replumbing our kitchen sink. We replaced the P trap, updated supply lines, found we had a leak in our strainer so fixed that, there was a corroded extension pipe leading to the waste pipe (both I believe galvanized steel? it's a 1923 house and we're not...
  8. calj

    Troubleshooting Main Drainpipe Leakage & Possible Washer Standpipe Design Issue(s)

    I would like to get your recommendations on troubleshooting and fixing main drainpipe leakage and possible washer standpipe design issue(s). Background: One of our younger relatives remodeled our laundry room in our basement a couple of years ago and we have had some issues with our plumbing...
  9. GinaT

    Old house new septic - where do they connect? Can't find the blockage.

    Long time lurker first time poster! You all have helped me so much via solving other people's problems I'm hoping you can help with mine. I bought an 1887 farmhouse a couple of years ago in foreclosure. After the farm closed and the last family member went into the nursing home it had three...
  10. JoeW2019

    What could this 4 inch pipe be for?

    I have a four inch metal pipe coming out of the cement in my basement. My first guess was that someone roughed in a drain for a toilet. It is a rather old house with cast iron drain system under the cement and copper above ground. Who ever owned the home previously appears to have put some...
  11. gadolphus32

    Could very old toilets have 2-inch waste pipes?

    There is a room in an old house that I own that looks like it was at one time a bathroom, although now it is empty and used for storage. I'm curious about its history. In addition to abandoned water supplies that serve the room, there is a waste line running to it that has multiple outlets. One...
  12. franksr27

    Waste Line layout for bath Addition. Please help!

    Hi Guys, I am planning on adding an addition bath/bedroom. The concrete guys need to know where I want the trench for the plumbing do be dug. Attached is a picture of existing house and proposed addition. the proposed plumbing waste lines are in orange. Could someone with experience please...
  13. Flotsam

    Bathroom Drain Pipe Removal - Looking for Suggestions

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So I am continuing work on my 1st floor bathroom project. So the picture below is the drain that used to go from the bathroom vanity to the stack. It looks like horizontal steel pipe that threads into a hub on my main stack. I have been trying to loosen...
  14. jmcdowall

    Lead connected to cast iron waste

    Hi Here is what I have in my basement: The lead pipe is adhered to the inside of the cast iron, or adhered onto the second pipe material which is adhered to the cast iron. My guess is that the lead/whatever is soldered into the cast iron fitting Does anyone know what exactly is going here? And...
  15. Jason Ram

    3 Inch copper waste pipe cracked and leaking.

    Hello All, This is my first post but I have been browsing the tutorials and DIY section for a bit. I recently noticed water leaking through one of the door jambs in our house. I took my time and tracked down the leak before drilling or cutting. I found the leak in the three inch copper waste...
  16. randomwyoguy

    Bathroom and laundry drain system

    Remodeling a small bathroom and adding a washer and dryer. Is the junction shaded in red below acceptable and safe? It would be a 3 inch wye that connects the shower and washer drains to the waste pipe which then flows to the main stack. My only concern the wye may impede flow from the toilet...
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