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Elizabeth Brammer

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Harris County Texas
Ok, so my apartment has a ceiling mounted a/c unit that is above the shower.
I live on the 2nd FL of a 3 FL apartment building.

My ceiling showed some slight water damage near the exhaust fan.
  • I requested for maintenance to ensure that the drainpipe was secure and that the drain line was not clogged.

After that I began hearing gurgling noises in the bathroom sink drain.
  • I called maintenance to make sure that the P-Trap was functioning correctly.

They just tried to tell me that the sink was not clogged, and it was draining fine.
I reminded them that I did not indicate that the sink was not draining and to please check the P-Trap.

This could be a longer story, so I am going to try to Fast FWD.
I begin considering that these people do not seem to have a routine maintenance plan- at all, which is probably the main problem.
In addition to my question regarding the P-Trap, Drain line, etc.? I began to notice distinct tapping sounds coming from the pipes, in the walls.

Now I am sending them more information regarding possibilities because I am concerned that those possibilities probably are not meeting any codes, or standards. That goes for possible install issues, and a possible lack of required routine maintenance.

Eventually they had a plumber come to check everything.
I am trying not to micromanage, so I stayed in the other room.

He get's ready to leave and says the P-Trap is fine and that the drain is making that due to the a/c.
  • I asked him if he checked the condensate line, the evaporator coils, the drip pan, etc.?

He says that is just the way it is going to sound.
I am not buying it, but he was a nice guy and I had already done a thorough interrogation.
I am not even going to what he said about the pipes.

Is this a pinched condensate line?
It drains into my bathroom sink.

pinched condensate line.jpg


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Bothell, Washington
The flex line is attached to the pipe in the wall with a hose clamp.
The hose needs to be removed and replaced.

Also, sometimes the condensate drain line needs clearing, compressed air can do that.
But for sure, replace the flex line there.
Hey, wait a minute.

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