Pedestal sinks. Standard mount dimensions?

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    Hello all. Well, I'm just starting a remodel on my bathroom and am yanking everything out of it. My plan was to re-use my pedestal sink. Unfortunately the base slipped away from me and shattered so now I need a new sink.

    From the few markings that I've found on it I believe it's a Kohler brand. I've looked all around the internet to see if there are some standards associated with pedestal sinks but haven't had much luck. My main concern is that I don't want to tear in to the wall to replace the two bolts that attach the sink to the wall. Are these a standard height and spacing? Can I go to one of the local stores and just pick up another Kohler pedstal sink and have it slide right on to the bolts? I believe the sink is about 10 years old.

  2. Terry

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    All pedestal lavs are different.
    Unless you buy the same unit again, you may need to move the bolts.
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    Often, those bolts are hanger bolts: a wood screw on one end, and a straight screw thread on the part that sticks out, so assuming (big assumption) that there is blocking behind the wall, moving and relocating them is often a 5-minute affair. Now, if they happen to be screwed into studs rather than blocking (likely 16" OC), and there's no blocking, then it becomes more problematic. If you've never used a hanger bolt, use two nuts up tight to each other, then you can use a wrench to back out and the same to install either it or a new one (you just use the inner or outer nut so it jams against the other one depending on which way you need to turn it). the likelyhood of the height and spacing of the bolts being the same on another sink is slim.
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