1. J

    What type of faucet do I have?

    Can't find any markings and I need to fix drips. Either by replacing washer, or buying a whole new stem. Thanks in advance

    How do I unscrew my WaterRidge Topmount kitchen sink faucet? With picture.

    I'm trying to replace my kitchen faucet but I can't get it unscrewed because the metal around the fastener blocks both sides of the fastener holding it down. I'm sure it's simple, but I can't figure it out. Thanks.
  3. iFixit

    My bathtub faucet spout needs to be replaced

    I would like to save money by doing this myself. has anyone done this job before? I found a tutorial. Would you recommend following this or have another recommendation?
  4. Rustypipe

    Identify faucet -- Dornbracht?

    I'm trying to identify this faucet type. Two are stiff and need help. It is a Dornbracht? I couldn't find this logo on their website. Thanks. -rp
  5. Samyverner

    In need of help identifying kitchen faucet brand

    Pictures of faucet here: My wife and I were recently remodeling our upstairs unit after the tenant moved out and replaced the kitchen sink basin. The faucet, however, was just fine so we kept it. Unfortunately, in all the commotion, we lost the nut connector. We’ve tried all our local...
  6. Gabdude123

    Identify and replace old shower cartridge

    Can anyone identify the faucet and cartridge in the images? It was likely installed in 1980s. Some people have said it looks like an old grohe or Hans Grohe. The cartridge is shot and I am having a very hard time finding a replacement. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Whitall

    Another Moen retaining clip thread!

    Hoping a new post brings fresh ideas. I have a 25 year old Moen positemp bathtub /shower faucet. It's been dripping for years so I finally decided to tackle it. I had waited because there's no shut off valve and I was afraid to shut off the whole house in case I screwed it up. Got my cartridge...
  8. JackPasco33

    Faucet diverter came off - no obvious way to re-install

    Hey folks, a bit of an emergency situation here, and all the plumbers in town are busy. The faucet came off the tub when one of our AirBnB guests turned on the shower. It doesn't look like anything I'm finding on the internet, and I'm not sure what to do here. There's not a screw that holds the...
  9. Piper308

    Lukewarm "hot" water during bathroom addition.

    Hello, and thank you to all the replies in advance. First time posting, have a question about lukewarm water temps during a bathroom addition. I have a 2.5 bath house, which I am having a basement full bathroom addition (toilet, shower, etc.) completed at this time. The contractor...
  10. Terry

    Even Flow Guitar Faucet

    How many of you are installing this faucet for your musician customers? I like how you can "tune" the water, both temperature and flow. Made by Chibson. This amp cover for the toilet tank cover is nice too. You could surely party in the bathroom making music.
  11. Alan_Leed

    Newport Brass Astor, Can't remove faucet handle in "old style" faucet...?

    Hi, I have a dripping faucet and wanted to replace the washer or cartridge in it...but I can't seem to get the handles off to access the cartridge. Faucet was installed about 15 yrs ago so it's "new" old style looking but I have no idea what the brand it (maybe European?). See photos...but I...
  12. JoeyDYI80

    Low water flow rate from kitchen faucet

    We installed a new faucet about 2 years ago and all was working well. It is a Krause single side handle. Recently we noticed that the flow rate had decreased for the cold side. After a few more days the hot side also had decreased. We closed and opened the valves under the sink and it actually...
  13. losten

    Bathroom sink leaking from water supply connection to faucet

    Hello, all. I recently discovered that my bathroom sink was leaking where the cold water supply line connects to the underside of the faucet. I initially tried tightening the connection but that didn’t help. I replaced the water supply line but I am still having the same issue with it leaking at...
  14. Snorp

    Faucet water flow issue - Obvious answer?

    Good day to all. Situation: My small upstairs full bath was remodeled about two years ago (two-level townhouse). The vanity and the faucet were replaced but I believe that the faucet came packaged with the vanity and the top. I've been getting complaints from my stepdaughter about the low...
  15. Jeremy M Startzer

    Pegasus Estates, Help Identifying Faucet

    Any help with identification of this faucet would be appreciated. Specifically I am looking to replace the handle insert adapter that is pictured (top spline sheared off) Thanks in advance
  16. Manco

    How do I stop my American Standard Reliant lavatory faucet from leaking?

    How do I stop my American Standard Reliant lavatory faucet from leaking? It doesn't have a big leak but it's big enough to keep things (like the floor of my vanity) wet most or all of the time. In the second attachment you can see a drip in the middle hole of the vanity. Sometimes I notice a...
  17. JohnnoAndy

    Shower and tub buzzing sound

    Hi folks, my first post... Thanks for having me! I recently purchased a new house and both my shower and tub on the top floor are making a strange buzzing sound that comes and goes when water is running. It's only on cold to middle, not on hot. It's an american standard faucet, and I've...
  18. Shivam

    Delta Faucet cartridge won't go back in

    Hello, I had a leak in the shower faucet, so I took the cartridge out, replaced the rubber and springs and now trying to put it back. But it won't fit back. I have twisted and pushed with enough force, but it just won't go in all the way. It was a little hard to take it out as well, but I didn't...
  19. dejarnett

    No easy way to cut hot water from single handle shower faucet?

    We live in a rented house where we cover expenses <$500, but we have the freedom to do pretty much any improvements to the house we want. The bath/shower has a single handle that rotates counter-clockwise to both increase pressure and make the water hotter and a common diverter on the faucet...
  20. HandyGal

    Antique tub faucet name and safe remove

    Hello, this bathroom has lots of old stuff dated 1929 up to 1980. I want to update this without damaging anything. What is this type of tub faucet called and how can I safely remove it? It's like half of a ball. The tub has no overflow.
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