Howie Mandel: Coping with Symptoms of OCD and ADHD

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    Mandel obsesses about germs, so shaking hands and touching are big no-nos.

    He also has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), making it tough for the 54-year-old to sit still. His mind races with uncontrolled, unwanted thoughts – even when he takes medication.

    I don't relate to the OCD much, when I was on chemo I was told to stay away from anybody that was sick; but really when you have grandkids and kids that get sick, there is no getting away. Since I've been a plumber though, getting sick is not an option. We just don't get sick.

    I can relate to the ADHD though. Cookie has a funny story on her web site about people with ADD. It's not really funny though if you have it, or you are close to someone that has it.

    I don't think that having OCD would be funny either.

    In some ways, having ADD can be a benefit, but it is a life long struggle to keep up with everyone else. Schooling can be tough. They like you to sit quietly and model yourself like everyone else. With ADD, the brain acts a little differently. I found with plumbing, that if I went fast enough, I would retain focus real well.
    If I slowed down a bit, it could be a challenge. Other plumbers would wonder why I was always going breakneck, when they were just drifting along. It was my way of coping without medications.

    My youngest was diagnosed when he was young. The school psychiatrist wanted to drop him from the school because of it. I met with him and his teachers and by the end of the meeting, the teachers agreed that they would try it again. Last year he finished with a B average at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. As you can see, it's workable.

    For me, I love working anyway, so working, working, working is just fine with me.
    I do wonder if all of the diverse things I do are a part of that. Oh well.
    It is what it is.
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