Didn't know this: elongated vs round/ Also THANKS.

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by FJK, Nov 30, 2008.

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    Last night at a family gathering, the guys were talking about house projects & this came up, which I never heard. Someone said the flushing technology is different between a round bowl & elongated bowl. The round design swirls the water around the bowl & then waste is flushed, whereas an enlongated bowl just dumps the waste. Since I just replaced a 30 yr old round bowl toilet with an elongated bowl Toto, the flushing of both was as described. Howerver, I thought the diffence was attributable to either the high water usage of an old toilet versus modern technology of a low water usage toilet, OR different technology by different manufacturers. If what I was told was correct, it seems a round bowl would have a better cleaning action during a flush. Comments?

    BTW, I would like to thank this form for all the help I got in remodeling my bathroom. It turned out better than I deserved. Help was universal, from tub installation, drain fitting questions, shower valve installation, humidity barriers behind cement board, etc, etc. I also liked & followed the recommendation for a Toto Drake toilet. Nice piece. My next bathroom to remodel should take significantly less time than the first. Thanks again, all.

    FJK (Jim)
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    That's not a universal characterization of toilet flushing technology. No new toilet can flush enough water to make it rise up and then swirl down - that just takes more water than allowed. Some of the new ones still swirl the water around the bowl, but it doesn't rise much.
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    The comment on the web about round toilets swirling and elongated bowls not swirling is just wrong and silly.

    The difference between round and elongated is not performance.
    Flush ratings are similar between round and elongated if you test enough bowls.
    It's more to do with more room.

    That means a man will fit on an elongated bowl.
    It's cleaner, more target to hit when standing,
    more in the bowl, less on the floor.

    The best cleaning Drake bowl is the elongated C744EG with Sanagloss
    The combination is
    CST744SG, 1.6 gallons
    CST744EG, 1.28 gallons
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