Constant kitchen faucet problems -- is this normal?

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I have lived in my house for ~15 years now, and I have been through 4 different kitchen faucets:

1 Water Bridge (Costco brand) faucet (with top handle) that was here when we moved in
1 Water Bridge faucet (with top handle) that I purchased to replace the other
1 Water Bridge faucet (with side handle)
1 Delta faucet (with side handle)

All of the faucets have had pull-out sprayers. Each of these faucets had their cartridges replaced several times, averaging about once per year. We don't have especially hard water, don't have unusually high water pressure (there's a PRV in the main line). I don't think we abuse the faucet either -- it's our kitchen faucet, so definitely sees regular use, but I don't think we are especially rough with it.

The issue I had with the first two faucets with the handle on the top was that the plastic cartridge would get loose, and the valve would not stay open (the handle was heavy enough that the faucet would turn itself off during operation). Replacing the cartridge would solve the issue for some months, but it'd eventually become a problem again. Then I decided to buy a faucet with a smaller handle on the side. While I didn't have that specific issue, I ran into different problems -- leaking, again with the cartridge. At this point, I decided that the Costco brand must be the problem, so "splurged" on a Delta faucet, which hasn't been any better. I'm on my 4th Delta cartridge now, and contemplating buying a Moen faucet.

So my question -- is this normal? This can't be normal, right? Are people really replacing their kitchen faucet cartridges on a ~yearly basis? Am I unlucky, or doing something wrong?


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It's one reason I have a hard time recommending faucets for kitchens now.
HansGrohe has been fine, and I think my next one will be Kohler.
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