Connecting CPVC to PVC

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  1. dlee

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    May 24, 2010
    I am trying to hook up a new gas pool heater and the Heater has a 2" CPVC union nut with flanged pipe nipples and the rest of the pool plumbing is 2" PVC. The 2" PVC pipe fits tight in the 2" pipe nipple, but everything I have read, indicates that you cannot glue dissimilar plastics together. Anyone have any recommendations on how to connect the two pipes together?
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    A no-hub connector should work. Keep in mind that PVC is normally not rated for pressure and the no-hub is a drainage fitting, not a pressure one, but it should handle some. Some pvc pipe that are rated for pressure, but it is not supposed to be used for hot water. What is the highest temperature of the water outlet of the heater? This could be a major problem, regardless of how you connect the two.

    Another possibilty might be something like a Sharkbite, but I don't think they come that large (I think 1" is the largest). You could glue male threaded adapters on each end, then screw that into a threaded coupling, but you'd need to be able to separate the ends enough to get those in, glue one end, thread both adapters in place, then glue them to their respective bits. You could do the same thing except use a union to connect each side - that would require less separate to get the pieces in.
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  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
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    You can't use a no hub connector for pipe under pressure, those are for waste pipes that never see more then 10 PSI.
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