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    I am currently working on remodeling a downstairs bath (all I have done is gut the room). It was a 1/2 bath and I increased the square footage by moving out some non-load bearing walls. My first question is that if I do a custom shower bed can I use the chimney as a wall of the shower, can I use it directly as part of the structure, or do I have to frame out a seperate wall next to the chimney. The chimney is 38 inches from the opposite studs. Another thing - about 7 feet up there is a tin plate covering a 4 or 5 inch access hole (is that from a former heating unit?). Do I have to leave that there? Can I plug it?

    Anyway as I am planning, any advise would be great.

    Thank you


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    I think you can use the chimney as part of one wall. I think that I'd want to consider a membrane type system rather than a conventional construction to keep moisture out of the bricks, though, plus, it would be hard to put up a good vapor barrier in the process. It will also allow you to keep the maximum size since you wouldn't need another layer of something on that wall surface.

    I'd check over at for some guidance on that part of it, and look into Kerdi from I think you could apply the Kerdi directly to the brick surface and the nice part about the use of Kerdi, is that you can frame the rest of the shower using drywall since the membrane is 100% waterproof when applied correctly. Check it out.
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    Jun 28, 2007
    Not a lot of exerience on this one but I would consider using paint on moisture barrier right onto the bricks, Redguard. Paint it on real real thick. Then lath. Then a nice smooth 1/2" thick mud coat over the lath. You can tile right to that.

    So like I said have no real experience with using a chimney as a shower wall.

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